Metro Weekly


Sunday, Oct. 20, 9 p.m.
Lincoln Theatre, $9


Have you ever recast one of your favorite famous movies with gay characters? The folks at Gay Propaganda (trangletrangletrangletrangle) have, and then done what comes next — actually recreate these classic moments with a decidedly queer point of view.

The collection of remakes starts off strong with a lesbian take on The Graduate, with the hilarious punchline, "Have you ever read The Well of Loneliness?" Other successful targets include From Here to Eternity and Goodfellas. Recreating the Young Frankenstein scene where Madeleine Kahn meets the monster’s monster, if you know what we mean, makes you laugh more at the memory of Kahn than at the gay re-make.

The program also includes the stylish and experimental animated short One Dance, One Song (trangletrangletrangletrangle); the adorable without becoming cloying The Revelation (trangletrangletrangletrangle), in which a young boy realizes that, hey it’s okay for men to get married; the mildly poignant Sweet Thing (trangletrangletrangle), the story of a drag queen who realizes her true maternal potential; and the insufferable and pretentious Sexy (trangletrangle), an animated ramshackle anchored by a poetic ramble that might have been better served as a category on Jeopardy! Also included: You2 and The Favor, reviewed elsewhere in this issue. — SB & RS