Metro Weekly


Wednesday, Oct. 23, 6 p.m.
JCC Theatre, Free


The shorts in this series are free. But then, there’s still the question of time wasted in the theatre.

The biggest waste is A Cowboy’s Fairy Tale (trangle), a gay coming of age story that, for once, doesn’t feature nudity, sex, or even much kissing. On the other hand, it does feature the most stilted dialogue you’ve ever heard: "Ever stare down a pair of eyes in the middle of the night, not knowin’ what varmint’s lickin’ its chops?" is one example. Not convinced? Want another? How’s this: "You tossed it all away for some horse opera duet with some out of the closet outlaw." It’s acid for the eardrums.

Also on the bill, Jan-Michael Vincent is My Muse (trangle), seven of the most idiotic minutes ever committed to film, The Favor (trangletrangletrangletrangle), a cute and affirming tale of straight-gay friendship, and Passing Resemblance (not screened). — RS