Metro Weekly


Friday, Oct. 25, 6 p.m.
JCC Theatre, Free


High school never looked better — or worse — than it does in the Fun in Girls Shorts featurettes. In Lipstick (trangletrangletrangle), the popular soccer jock struggles with whether she should come clean with her friends about the object of her affections, and much to their surprise it’s not the young stud who hangs out watching soccer matches and handing her towels after she’s kicked ass.

Camouflage Pink (trangletrangletrangle) will make the average thirtysomething lesbian wish she could have an out high school experience with the Ani Difranco posters on the wall and a who-gives-a-shit attitude about what classmates might think. Unfortunately, the main character gets a bit too much airtime for her bad journal poetry – but it’s a sweet story with a happy ending.

In the hooty Size ’em Up (trangletrangletrangletrangletrangle), director Christine Russo takes an unabashedly salacious and delightfully tongue-in-cheek look at breasts through the exaggerated anxiety of a "sporty" teen girl dragged by her mother (the always fabulous Julie Brown) to an old-school lingerie shop to purchase her first real brassiere. She’s horrified by the gleefully lecherous clerks (Stella Stevens and sitcom everywoman Mary Jo Catlett among them), but rewarded for running this feminine gauntlet with a flirtatious exchange with another young woman in the same boat. Very funny stuff. — KC & JP