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Sunday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m.
Lincoln Theatre, $9

"Bi-curious" is the biggest copout to infiltrate queer life since Abercrombie and Fitch. When they’re not taunting us from phone sex ads (Bi-Curious Guys Might Want You!) and waxing indecisive, they’re breaking gay heartstrings like cheap heels and "feeling conflicted." And yet, we fall for it every time.

Such is the case with Danny, an actor who falls hard for Marcos, a newbie to both Madrid and the gay scene. Though he’s being pursued by femme fatale Marisol, Marcos agrees to move in with Danny, and for a while it looks like the two boys are on the fast track to the big, Disney "happily ever after." Not so, of course, as Marcos predictably falls off the pink wagon and right into the arms of Marisol. Danny does the only rational thing left to do — go drag and try to recapture Marco, this time as a woman.

It’s a cute flick with a "what’s new?" plot and some quirky antics involving karaoke and falling disco balls. Santiago Magill is particularly charming as Danny, so much so that you just want to give Marcos (Jorge Sanze) — who’s is not particularly charming, just as he shouldn’t be — a good shake for not wanting him. Tiare Scanda plays the determined Marisol with a passion for Marcos so strong that she’s a little bit scary.

Sweet but not tremendously groundbreaking, I Love You Baby is a movie for first dates and soft hearts, as well as any bi-curious types who fancy being chased by both sexes. — WD