Metro Weekly

RUTHIE & CONNIE: Every Room in the House


Saturday, Oct. 19, 7 p.m.
Lincoln Theatre, $9


With such a risqué subtitle, you might assume Ruthie and Connie are two sexpots looking to score wherever they can find a comfortable surface in the house. Well, actually Ruthie and Connie are two unabashedly feisty, older Jewish lesbians, and while they probably have done it in every room in the house, that’s not what Deborah Dickson’s documentary is about.

Ruthie and Connie

Actually, it’s an extremely heartwarming exposition of their forty-plus year relationship. Ruthie and Connie are natural-born storytellers and entertainers, as well as activists. Every brassy note of their wonderfully alive lives comes through in vivid, vibrant color and sound. Even better, the joyfully in-your-face-don’t-mind-me-I’m-just-living-my-life-out-loud delightfulness of these two women is further enhanced by a cast of characters (and I do mean "characters") from Ruthie and Connie’s past and present lives, many of whom share anecdotes and opinions about what it’s been like to share an apartment building or a community with such a sparkling couple.

Dickson had unbelievable access to friends of Ruthie and Connie from twenty years ago — they don’t seem to have lost anyone along the way, just picked up more community as they went along. When you watch Ruthie and Connie, you’ll see why for yourself. — Nancy Legato