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Box office juggernaut

''Shrek 2'' is lovely but not as magical

That box office juggernaut known as Shrek 2 also features a few revelations of its own, notably a new swashbuckling tornado named Puss-in-Boots who disarms his victims with big, velvet painting eyes before slicing into them with his rapier claws. Visually, it’s a lovelier movie than the first, but alas, it’s not quite as magical.

It takes forever for Shrek 2 to build up the kind of manic steam the first had from the start. It finally gets there and its final half hour — which features an inspired homage to Ghostbusters — is brain-poppingly funny. But like most sequels, Shrek 2 has no purpose to exist other than to cash in on the success of the first. Which it already has to the tune of about $300 million. Now we know the reason Shrek is green.

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