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The Arts Corner Stage

List of performances at the arts stage

For the fifth year running, the GLBT Arts Consortium is proud to sponsor the performance stage at the Capital Pride Arts Corner from 11:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. as part of the festivities of the Capital Pride Festival, June 13, 2004. The Arts Corner Stage is located at 6th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW at the Festival. Performance times are approximate and subject to some variation. In addition to performance groups, several authors and poets will offer readings from the stage.

11:45 D.C.’s Different Drummers Marching Band Kicks Off the Stage
Noon The Usual Suspects
12:30 DC Swing
1:00 Readings
1:15 Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Washington, D.C.
1:30 Nuance
1:45 Lambda Squares

2:00 Bread and Roses
2:15 Actors’ Theatre of Washington, Sexe
2:30 Dreams of Hope
3:00 Ties Optional
3:15 Readings
3:30 Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington
3:45 Not What You Think
4:00 Outskirts of Town