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Letter from the Director

Youth Pride Day 2007

As we celebrate this year’s theme, Unique in Identities, United in Pride, we are taking note of how much courage it takes to come out and be who you are. All of our youth, through their boldness and tenacity, show the world their unique identities. Not only are they finding themselves but they, the youth, are truly the role models for many of us. In a world that is still too critical and intolerant at times, our young people have given us the opportunity to honor not only thier own personal achievements, but truly examine the strength and beauty of our community.

As we move into our 11th year of this annual celebration, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped make this wonderful event happen. To all of the individuals, organizations and community sponsors, we are grateful for your support and generous giving. Without this, we could not put on this fabulous day. To the volunteers, performers and speakers, your words, guidance and commitment are undeniably vital to this special event. A special thank you to the volunteer Youth Pride staff. Without your overtime, hard work and invaluable dedication to Youth Pride Day and to the youth we serve, we would not be here. And finally, to the community and for all who show up, you are who we are inspired by and who this day is truly dedicated to.

Without all of you, we would not be able to have this incredible day to celebrate the real hororees of Youth Pride Day, and that is the youth themselves. Thank you.

May we all be unique in indentity and united in pride

With Pride,

Sara Mindel
Youth Pride Day Director 2007

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