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DC Black Pride 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Heavenly Round Up: The times are shifting under your feet. What was thought to be solid may in fact be far less stable than you’d imagined, or been told by those who really ought to have known. You can extract yourself from the sticky morass, if you’ll only rely on your own on-site wisdom, and stop counting on external information to tell you how things are and where they’ll be to your advantage. You could have the time of your life, if you would just let the spirit move you.

Aries: Like an angel, you could dance on the head of a pin. It’s not about how much space you occupy– it’s all about what you do with the space you use. Share your wonder and your revelation with all and sundry. The just and the unjust alike could benefit from your insights.

Taurus: There’s a crystalline quality to the day, poised on the brink of becoming. It teases you with thoughts of escape and freedom, and irresponsibility and laughter. They’re not all synonymous — though you may tell yourself so when you want your nose to the grindstone.

Gemini: You could lead the parade. You could win the bee. You could ace the competition. But that’s not really why you’re here, is it? You have other, more intimate fish to fry. You have a task to complete, an objective to achieve. And you’ve got the support you need today.

Cancer: Get into the groove. The world can wait. That slippery slope isn’t going anywhere. And on such a significant day, you shouldn’t either (unless you really, really want to). Make all your choices with your self alone as the reference point. You won’t regret it ’til later.

Leo: Temptation wears many faces. Are you tempted to stay put? Are you tempted to behave? Are you tempted to keep yourself wrapped in cotton wool so as not to be, ahem, tempted? You might need to give over and let yourself go with the cosmic flow on Sunday.

Virgo: Situational ethics aren’t wrong. And sometimes, they can get you out of hot water almost as fast as they might seem to get you into it in the first place. You can use any two body parts to create a kind of charades to communicate your interest in the outside world.

Libra: What happens at Pride stays at Pride…. If that’s the attitude you want to take with you from this experience. You could have continuity, but you might not be able to give yourself fully to the gestalt of the day. Will you run through the streets with vine leaves in your hair?

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Scorpio: A rose is a rose is a rose. True, but look again and see if you haven’t been fooled into believing as much in the simplest possible terms. Get back with your inner detective and find deeper meaning everywhere you go and in everything you do on this day of days.

Sagittarius: In a linear reality, there’s a beginning, middle and an end. This is the natural order. But what if someone tossed the twenty-four hours up in the air and they came down higgledy-piggledy? Enjoy the surreal. Admire the déja vu (all over again). Listen to a Leo.

Capricorn: Now that you might have access to what you’ve prayed for, would you say that you’ve gotten what you truly desired? This might be the chance you’ve always secretly wanted to do it your way, do it over, and do it without all the complications you’re used to.

Aquarius: You may be more explicitly empowered now than you’ve been in recent memory but that’s not the half of it. Your focus may be more than a little all over the place. It’s that darned eye-candy. You can’t help it when you say yes to a Taurus after the sun goes down.

Pisces: Dress for success. Be careful what you decide you want to succeed at doing. And try to keep it in mind from top to bottom. You’ll do what you do best with a will, but you don’t want an indiscriminate audience for your best performance. Stay true to your aesthetic.

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