25 Gay Films Everyone Should See

Must-see movies from 'Aimee & Jaguar' to 'Wedding Banquet'


This uproarious French farce, set amid the nightlife of St. Tropez, spawned two fairly decent sequels, a catchy, elaborate Broadway musical, and a bland, watered-down American imitation. But it is the original — with precise comedic performances by Ugo Tognazzi as the owner of a drag nightclub and the scene-stealing Michel Serrault as his prone-to-hysterics partner Albin — that demands our full admiration, not to mention constant giddy fits of laughter. As the two middle-aged gay men struggle to appease their exasperated son (yes, this was a movie way ahead of its time), who has brought his fiancé’s conservative family home for dinner, La Cage reaches unsurpassed comic heights. It’s not just a funny gay film — it’s one of the funniest films in the history of all cinema.

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