Batty for Halloween

Essays by Sean ''Bloodbath'' Bugg, Will ''Candyman'' O'Bryan and Cathy ''Paranormal'' Renna

(Photo by Todd ”Fresh from the Grave” Franson )

A time for terror?

A chance to play dress-up?

A family affair?

Halloween can be all those things and more, sometimes all at once, which is likely why it’s become one of the biggest queer holidays of the year. It’s the time we let our inner queens and kings have a wild night on the town, when we relish the chance to jump out and yell ”Boo!” or simply sit back and watch a parade of utterly stylish high heels.

Halloween has something for all of us.

Dressed to Kill
By Sean Bugg
Touting Terror
By Will O’Bryan
A Royal Outing
By Cathy Renna

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