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Reel Affirmations 19 (2009)

The Definitive Guide to One In Ten's GLBT Film Festival for 2009

Reel Affirmations 19 - 2009

Reel Affirmations 19 – 2009

UPDATE: To view these reviews, visit this link to the Reel Affirmations 2009 Archive.

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Title Year Rating
100% Jock 2005 starstarstarstar
15 Minutes for 15 Years 2005 starstarstarstar
20 centimeters 2006 starstarstarstar
50 Ways of Saying Fabulous 2005 starstarstar
9 Dead Gay Guys 2003 starstarstar
A Few Days of Respite 2011 starstar
A Four Letter Word 2007 starstar
A Love to Hide 2005 starstarstarstarstar
A Place to Live: The Story of Triangle Square 2009 starstarstarstar
A Summer Day 2006 star
A Very Serious Person 2006 starstarstarstarstar
A Woman’s Love 2004 starstarstar
A Year Without Love 2005 starstarstar
Adam and Steve 2005 star
Affinity 2008 starstarstarstar
Aishite Imasu 1941 2005 starstarstarstar
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go 2007 starstarstar
All in the Family 2005 starstarstarstar
Almost Normal 2005 starstar
Amancio: Two Faces on a Tombstone 2009 starstarstarstar
Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma 2006 starstarstar
An Englishman in New York 2009 starstar
An Ordinary Family 2011 starstarstarstarstar
And Then Came Lola 2009 starstarstar
Animated Youth: Girls Shorts 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild 2008 star
Another Woman 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Antartica 2008 starstarstarstar
Anyone and Everyone 2008 starstarstar
Anything You Want 2011 starstarstarstar
Ask Not 2008 starstarstarstar
Au Pair, Kansas 2011 starstarstarstar
August 2011 starstar
Back Soon 2007 starstar
Bad Girls Behind Bars 2005 starstarstarstar
Badges of Freedom 2004 starstarstarstar
Bandaged 2009 starstar
Bashment 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Bear Cub 2004 starstarstarstarstar
Beautiful Boxer 2004 starstarstar
Beautiful Women 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Before I Forget 2007 star
Best of Fest 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Best of Schools 2004 starstar
Best of the Fest 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Best of the Fest 2003 starstarstarstar
Best of the Fest 2004 starstarstarstar
Best of the Fest 2008 starstarstar
Best of the Fest 2009 starstarstarstar
Best of the Fest: Shorts 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Between Love and Goodbye 2008 starstarstar
Big Gay Musical 2009 starstarstarstar
Bite Marks 2011 star
Black Aura on an Angel 2004 starstarstar
Black, White and Gray 2007 starstarstarstar
Blind Spot 2003 starstarstarstar
Bloody Mallory 2003 star
Blueprint 2006 starstarstar
Both 2005 starstarstar
Boy Are These Shorts Good! 2006 starstarstar
Boy Culture 2006 starstarstarstar
Boystown 2008 starstarstarstar
Breakfast with Scot 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Broken Sky 2006 starstarstar
Brother to Brother 2004 starstarstarstar
Bulgarian Lovers 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Butch Jamie 2007 starstarstarstar
Butterfly 2005 starstarstar
C.R.A.Z.Y. 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Callas Forever 2004 starstarstarstar
Camp Out 2006 starstarstarstar
Cause of Death: Homophobia 2004 starstar
Chef’s Special 2009 starstarstar
Chinese Botanist’s Daughter 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Choose Connor 2008 starstarstar
Circle of Friends 2007 starstarstar
City Of Borders 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Civil Obedience 2007 starstarstarstar
Clara’s Summer 2004 starstarstarstar
Close to Leo 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same 2011 starstarstar
Coffee Date 2006 starstar
College Boys Live 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Colma: The Musical 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Compound 2006 starstarstar
Cowboys and Angels 2004 starstarstarstar
Creatures from the Pink Lagoon 2006 starstarstar
Crimes and Passions 2004 starstarstar
Cthulhu 2007 starstarstarstar
D.E.B.S. 2004 starstarstarstar
Date Night 2005 starstarstarstar
Date This! Lesbians and Dating 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Dead Serious 2005 starstar
Deluxe Combo Platter 2006 starstarstar
Derek 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Die Mommie Die! 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Dirty Girl 2011 starstarstarstar
Dolls 2008 starstarstarstar
Dorian Blues 2004 starstarstarstar
Drag King Extravaganza 2009 starstarstar
Drag Nuns in Tinseltown 2004 starstar
Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project 2008 starstar
Drifting Flowers 2008 starstarstarstar
Drool 2009 starstarstarstar
DYKE in the DNA: Women’s Shorts 2007 starstarstarstar
East Side Story 2006 starstarstarstarstar
East/West: Sex and Politics 2009 starstarstar
Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds 2006 starstar
Eating Out 5: The Open Weekend 2011 star
Eating Out: All You Can Eat 2009 star
Eden’s Curve 2003 starstar
Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement 2009 starstarstarstarstar
El Calentito 2006 starstarstarstar
Electroshock 2006 starstarstarstar
Eleven Men Out 2006 starstar
Eleven Minutes 2008 starstarstarstar
Encounters of the Girl Kind: Women’s Shorts 2008 starstarstarstar
Enter the Phoenix 2005 starstarstarstar
Equality U 2009 starstarstarstar
Eternal Summer 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Fabulosity: Men’s Shorts 2008 starstarstarstar
Fagbug 2009 starstarstar
Fairytale of Kathmandu 2008 starstarstarstar
Family 2009 starstarstarstar
Family Day 2008 starstarstar
Farm Family 2004 starstarstar
Ferron: Girl on a Road 2009 starstarstarstar
Fig Trees 2009 starstarstar
Fight Back, Fight AIDS: 15 Years of ACT UP 2003 starstarstarstar
Finding Me 2008 starstar
Fingersmith 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Finn’s Girl 2007 starstarstar
Five Moments of Infidelity 2006 starstar
Floored by Love 2005 starstar
Flying with One Wing 2003 starstarstarstarstar
For Men Only 2003 starstarstar
For the Bible Tells Me So 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Four More Years 2011 starstarstarstar
Free to Be You and Me 2009 starstarstarstar
Freshman Orientation 2005 starstarstar
Friends or Lovers? 2004 starstarstar
From Boys to Men 2005 starstarstarstar
Fun in Boys Shorts 2003 starstarstar
Fun in Girls Shorts 2004 starstarstar
Fun in Girls Shorts 2003 starstarstar
Funny Girl 2008 starstarstarstar
Funny Girls 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Funny Ha Ha or Funny Gay? 2003 starstarstar
Gallant Girls 2003 starstarstar
Gas 2006 starstarstarstar
Gasoline 2003 starstar
Ghosted 2009 starstarstarstar
Ghosts 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Gigola 2011 starstarstarstar
Girl Inside 2008 starstarstarstar
Girl Play 2004 starstarstarstar
Girl Seeking Girl 2009 starstarstarstar
Give Me Your Hand 2009 star
Go West 2006 starstar
Going Down in La La Land 2011 starstar
Goldfish Memory 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Gone 2011 starstar
Growing Up is Hard 2004 starstarstarstar
Guys and Balls 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Gypo 2006 starstarstar
Half-Life 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Hannah and the Hasbian 2011 starstarstar
Hannah Free 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Hard Pill 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Harry and Max 2004 starstar
Harvest 2011 starstarstarstar
Hate Crime 2005 starstar
Haunting Douglas 2004 starstarstarstarstar
He’s Having a Baby 2003 starstarstar
Hellbent 2004  
Her Name Was Steven 2009 starstarstarstar
Holding Trevor 2007 starstar
Holiday Makers 2006 starstarstarstar
Hollywood je t’aime 2009 starstarstarstar
Hollywood to Dollywood 2011 starstarstar
Home Grown Shorts 2005 starstar
Hooked 2003 starstarstarstarstar
I Am 2011 starstarstarstar
I Can’t Think Straight 2009 starstarstar
Illusive Tracks 2004 starstarstarstarstar
Immediate Boarding 2004 starstarstarstarstar
In Good Conscience: Sister Jeannine Gramick’s Journey of Faith 2004 starstarstarstar
In Sickness and In Health 2008 starstarstarstar
Inescapable 2004 starstar
International Women 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Into the Lion’s Den 2011  
Irma Vep: She’s Back 2007 starstarstarstar
It All Ads Up 2008 starstarstarstar
It Came From Kuchar 2009 starstarstarstar
It’s a Family Affair 2003 starstarstar
Itty Bitty Titty Comittee 2007 starstarstar
Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together 2011 starstarstar
JIM IN BOLD 2003 starstarstarstar
Jitters 2011 starstarstar
Just Between Us 2005 starstar
Keillers Park 2006 starstar
Kiki and Tiger 2003 starstarstar
Kink Crusaders 2011 starstarstarstar
Kiss and Tell 2004 starstarstar
Latter Days 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Laughing Matters 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Laughing Matters … More! 2006 starstarstarstar
Lesbian Identity: Who We Are 2004 starstarstarstar
Lez Be Friends 2008 starstarstar
Like A Brother 2005 starstarstar
little man 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Little Sister’s vs Big Brother 2003 starstarstar
Local Filmmaker Forum 2004 starstarstar
Local Shorts 2006 starstarstarstar
Local Shorts 2007 starstarstar
Loggerheads 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Lokas 2008 starstarstar
Lonely Child 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Longhorns 2011 starstarstar
Looking for Cheyenne 2006 starstarstar
Loose Cannons 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Love Bites: Men’s Shorts 2008 starstarstar
Love in Thoughts 2004 starstarstar
Love My Life 2007 starstarstar
Love of Siam 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Love, Lust and Good Old Fashioned Romance 2009 starstarstar
Loving Annabelle 2006 starstarstar
Loving Life 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Lust for Life 2008 starstarstarstar
Madame X 2011 starstarstar
Make the Yuletide Gay 2009 star
Making a Difference with Documentary: Out in the Silence 2008  
Manay Po 2007 starstarstarstar
Mango Kiss 2004 starstarstarstar
Mango Soufflé 2003 starstarstarstar
Manji 2007 starstar
Mary Lou 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Me, Myself and I 2005 starstarstarstar
Men on the Edge: Men’s Shorts 2007 starstarstar
Men on the Verge 2004 starstarstarstar
Men Shorts: Expect the Unexpected 2006 starstarstarstar
Men Shorts: Natural Selection 2006 starstarstar
Men Shorts: Who Do You Think I Am? 2006 starstarstarstar
Men’s Night Out: Men’s Shorts 2007 starstarstarstar
Men’s Shorts 2011 starstarstarstar
Merci Docteur Rey 2003 starstarstarstar
Mixed Shorts: Best of the Fest 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Mom 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Morgan 2011 starstarstarstar
Mother Nature 2006 star
Mr. Right 2009 starstarstarstar
Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing 2005 starstar
Mulligans 2008 starstarstarstar
My Last Round 2011 starstarstar
My Life on Ice 2003 starstarstarstarstar
My Mother Likes Women 2004 starstarstarstar
My Super 8 Season 2007 starstarstar
Naked Boys Singing 2007 starstarstarstar
Naked Truth 3 2004 starstarstarstarstar
Night Fliers 2009 starstar
Nina’s Heavenly Delights 2007 starstarstarstar
No Ordinary Love 2003 starstarstarstar
No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Noah’s Arc 2004 starstarstar
Not a GWM: The DL Chronicles 2007 starstarstar
Odete 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Of Different Spirits 2007 starstarstar
Oh Happy Day 2007 starstarstarstar
On the Downlow 2004 starstarstarstar
On the Other Hand, Death: A Donald Strachey Mystery 2008 starstarstarstar
One Night Stand 2011 starstarstar
One to Another 2007 starstar
Open Cam 2005 starstarstarstar
Oskar’s Friends 2004 starstar
Our Lips are Sealed 2011 starstarstar
Out at the Wedding 2007 starstarstar
Out In the Silence 2009 starstarstar
Out Loud 2011 starstar
Pageant 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band 2008 starstarstarstar
Pariah 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Park 2007 starstarstarstar
Parting Glances 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Patrik, Age 1.5 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Photos of Angie / Bullied 2011 starstarstarstar
Pick Up the Mic 2006 starstarstarstar
Pioneering Gays 2004 starstarstarstar
Pornography: A Thriller 2009 starstarstarstar
Poster Boy 2004 starstarstarstarstar
Prodigal Sons 2009 starstarstarstar
Puccini for Beginners 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Pursuit of Equality 2008 starstarstar
Queerly Asian Shorts 2004 starstarstar
Quest for the Missing Piece 2008 starstar
Race You To the Bottom 2005 starstarstarstar
Radical Harmonies 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Rainbow’s End 2006 starstarstar
Raised Right 2007 starstarstar
Raspberry Reich 2004 starstar
Ready? OK! 2008 starstarstar
Red Doors 2006 starstarstarstar
Redwoods 2009 starstar
Rice Rhapsody 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Ricky: Diary of a Male Porn Star 2003 starstarstar
Road Movie 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Robin’s Hood 2003 starstarstarstar
Rocks and Hard Places 2009 starstarstarstar
Roller Derby Queens … and Kings! 2006 starstarstarstar
Romeos 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Rosa Morena 2011 starstarstar
Round Trip 2004 starstarstarstarstar
Sévigné 2005 starstarstar
Sara 2003  
Saturn in Opposition 2008 star
Save Me 2008 starstarstarstar
Say Uncle 2005 starstarstarstar
Scab 2005 starstar
Sci-Fi Fag Theater 2004 2004 star
Searching 4 Sandeep 2009 starstarstar
Secondary High 2003 star
Sex and The Single Male 2003 starstarstar
Sex Positive 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Shabnum Mausi 2006 starstarstarstar
Shake It All About 2003 starstarstarstar
Shank 2009 starstarstarstar
She’s a Boy I Knew 2008 starstarstarstar
Shelter 2007 starstarstarstar
Shelter Me 2007 starstarstarstar
Shiner 2004 starstarstarstar
Short But Sweet: Mixed Documentary Films 2003 starstarstarstar
Short Hots: Women’s Shorts 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Shortbus 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Sister Smile 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Sisters in Cinema 2003 starstarstarstarstar
small town gay bar 2006 starstarstarstarstar
So Hard to Forget 2011 starstar
Socket 2007 starstar
Songbirds 2006 starstarstarstar
Sonja 2007 starstarstarstar
South Africa Speaks Out 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Spider Lilies 2007 starstarstarstarstar
St. Trinian’s 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Standing-N-Truth: Breaking the Silence 2009 starstar
State of Health 2006 starstarstarstar
Stealth 2007 starstarstarstar
Steam 2008 starstarstar
Straight Jacket 2004 starstar
Straight Story 2007 starstar
Strange Bedfellows 2005 starstarstarstar
Strange Fruit 2005 star
Suddenly 2003 starstarstarstar
Sugar 2004 starstarstarstar
Sugar Rush 2008 starstarstar
Sugar Rush 2008 starstarstar
Suicide Room 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Surrender 2004 starstar
Sweet Revenge from la Suite Noire 2011 starstarstarstar
Tang Tang 2006 starstarstarstar
Teens in the City 2003 starstarstar
Testosterone 2004 star
That Man: Peter Berlin 2005 starstarstar
The Baby Formula 2009 starstarstarstarstar
The Birthday 2008 starstarstar
The Blossoming of Maximo Olivieros 2006 starstarstarstarstar
The Bridge Game 2003 starstar
The Butch Factor 2009 starstar
The Child I Never Was 2003 starstarstarstarstar
The Curiosity of Chance 2007 starstarstarstar
The D Word 2005 starstarstarstar
The Day Laborers 2004 starstarstar
The Event 2003 starstarstarstar
The Experiment: Gay and Straight 2003 starstarstarstar
The Favor 2005 starstarstarstar
The Gift 2003 starstarstarstar
The Green 2011 starstar
The Gymnast 2006 starstarstarstar
The Journey 2005 starstarstarstar
The King and the Clown 2007 starstarstarstarstar
The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous 2008 starstarstarstar
The Lady in Question is Charles Busch 2005 starstarstarstarstar
The Last Ride 2005 star
The Life of Reilly 2006 starstarstarstar
The Line of Beauty 2006 starstarstar
The Look 2003 starstar
The Lost Coast 2008 starstarstarstarstar
The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green 2005 starstarstarstar
The Mudge Boy 2004 starstarstarstarstar
The Nature of Nicholas 2003 star
The New World 2008 starstarstarstarstar
The Night Watch 2011 starstarstarstar
The Origins of AIDS 2004 starstarstarstar
The Pulpit 2011 starstarstarstar
The Pursuit of Happiness 2005 starstarstarstar
The Reception 2005 starstarstarstar
The Road to Love 2003 starstarstarstar
The Secrets 2008 starstarstarstarstar
The Sensei 2008 starstarstar
The Ski Trip 2004 star
The Sleeping Beauty of East Finchley 2011 starstarstar
The Truth or Consequences of Delmas Howe 2005 starstarstar
The Universe of Keith Haring 2008 starstarstarstar
The Walker 2007 starstar
The Wise Kids 2011 starstarstarstarstar
The Witnesses 2007 starstarstarstarstar
The World Unseen 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Thelma 2003 starstarstarstar
This Is What Love in Action Looks Like 2011 starstarstarstar
THIS Obedience 2003 starstarstar
Three 2011 starstarstarstar
Three Dancing Slaves 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Three Day Weekend 2008 starstar
Three Veils 2011 starstar
Through Thick & Thin 2008 starstarstarstar
Tied Hands 2007 starstarstarstarstar
Times Have Been Better 2008 starstarstarstarstar
To Each Her Own 2009 starstarstarstar
Tomboy 2011 starstarstarstar
Totally Sexy Loser 2003 starstar
Training Rules 2009 starstarstar
Transgender Expressions 2004 starstarstarstarstar
Transgender Youth Shorts 2003 starstarstarstar
Two Sides of the Bed 2007 starstarstar
U People 2008 starstarstarstarstar
Unraveling Michelle 2009 starstarstarstar
Unveiled 2005 starstarstarstarstar
Urban Renewal 2007 starstarstar
Vito 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Vivere 2007 starstarstarstar
Voodoo Woman 2008 starstar
Watch Out 2008 starstar
Watercolors 2009 starstarstar
We Are the Mods 2009 starstar
We Are the Night 2011 starstarstar
We Were Here 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Were the World Mine 2008 starstarstarstarstar
What to Expect When You Expect You Might Be Expecting: A Guide to Gay Parenting 2008 starstarstarstar
What’s Up Scarlet? 2006 starstarstarstar
When I’m 64 2005 starstarstarstarstar
When Kiran met Karen 2008 starstarstar
Whispering Moon 2006 starstar
Whole New Thing 2006 starstarstarstar
Wish Me Away 2011 starstarstarstar
Women In Action 2006 starstarstar
Women on the Verge 2004 starstarstarstarstar
Women Shorts: Girls Just Wanna Be 2006 starstarstarstarstar
Women Shorts: Ladies Night 2006 starstarstarstar
Women’s Shorts 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Women’s Words and Music 2003 starstarstarstarstar
Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon 2008 starstarstarstar
WTC View 2005 starstar
Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims 2006 starstarstarstar
Yes Nurse! No Nurse! 2003 starstarstarstarstar
You I Love 2004 starstarstarstarstar
You Never Forget Your First 2005 starstarstarstar
Young and Wild 2005 starstarstarstar
Young Blood: Youth Shorts 2007 starstarstarstar
Youth Shorts 2009 starstarstar
Zombie Double Feature! 2008 starstarstarstar
Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah: The Movie 2007 starstarstarstar

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