25 Gay Films Everyone Should See: The Sequel

Another round of films that helped to define the culture -- and cultural impact - of LGBT cinema'


The Kids Are All Right
The Kids Are All Right

Lisa Cholodenko’s Oscar-nominated film about lesbian moms and their kids both delighted and angered the gay community. Cholodenko, who co-wrote the script with Stuart Blumberg, has been praised for portraying a same-sex household in a natural, unassuming manner. The film tackles weighty issues with humor and levity, allowing for the more serious moments to stand out without being depressing. Yet, the project has also been vilified for plot points that veer wildly off course and ultimately negate the reasons it deserves praise in the first place. What isn’t up for debate is the quality of the performances given by Annette Bening and Julianne Moore. Both have scene-stealing moments that define the film, and make suffering through the wonky storyline worthwhile. While the film might not have been nominated for Best Picture if there weren’t currently 10 films filling the category, Bening is well-deserving of her Best Actress nod. Most importantly, the film deserves to be lauded for being recognized as a film about lesbians rather than a lesbian film.

Doug Rule is a theater critic and contributing editor for Metro Weekly.

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