2012 Coverboy of the Year: Aaron Lee Smith

A little bit country, from West Virginia to Washington

Aaron Lee Smith

Aaron Lee Smith

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

”The readings are pretty freaky,” Aaron says of the psychic he visits a couple times a year back in Charleston. ”He said I was going to meet a guy who had a shaved head, tattoos and earrings, and his name begins with a J. He said this guy was going to invite me to something.” A year after the reading, Aaron fell for a man fitting that description and he invited Aaron to move in with him in Tennessee. ”[The psychic] also said don’t do any business with this person – and he was right.” The whole experience soured Aaron on dating. ”I don’t have any desire to be in a relationship now,” he says. ”It’s too hard. It ages you when it’s bad.”

Aaron, who worked in sales and marketing in Tennessee, is currently casting a wide net for similar work in the Washington region. He’s also pursuing modeling work on the side, mostly in commercial photography. In addition to Metro Weekly, he recently appeared on the cover of Compete, the LGBT sports magazine. That was one prize resulting from his beating out a hot field to decisively win the TeamDC Fashion Show last March, a month after his original Coverboy spread.

Doug Rule is a theater critic and contributing editor for Metro Weekly.

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