7 things to splurge on for your pets

An assortment of items for your cherished companions

Pet Flys Bon Ami Pet Carrier


Photography by Todd Franson



While there are many who shudder at the thought of someone bringing their pet on a flight (though it’s somewhat preferable to screaming children), there are those who just can’t stand to leave their beloved pug or chihuahua at home when they go on vacation. If that includes you, then we’ve got just the thing to ensure your pooch flies in the best comfort possible, even if its owner is stuck in coach. With generous dimensions, 5 air vents, and roll down windows, letting your pup peek out at this curious metal tube you’ve brought it into. With 4 styles on offer and tough, durable materials, they’ll last much longer than the patience of the person sitting next to you as you ask them to hold your dog while you slip out to the restroom.

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