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Metro Weekly is top-ranked among all local gay news publications in the world.

We provide these visible & effective methods of internet advertising to help promote your business’ or organization’s services:

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Want to promote your website? Just let us know which of the options below is right for you. Site Statistics

Yearly = 1,512,479
Monthly = 126,039
Daily = 4,201

Page Views*:
Yearly = 9,095,560
Monthy = 757,963
Daily = 25,265

(Note: Statistics are measured from August 2009-July 2010 by Google Analytics. *Page views are a more accurate statistic than “hits.”)

Graphic Banner Ads (Creatives)

Three Advertisement Sizes:

728 width x 90 height

Big Box
300 width x 250 height

120 width x 600 height

Mailing List Sponsors

Have your message e-mailed directly to our 11,000+ newsletter subscribers.


Call Randy Shulman, Publisher, at (202) 638-6830 or e-mail for details about mailing list sponsorships:

AdWords users

Advertisers who use Google’s AdWords can target – Here’s how (updated March 2012):

  • From the main menu, click ”Tools and Analysis”
  • Then click ”Placement Tool” on the left
  • In the “Website” field, type ””
  • Hit [Search]
  • Click the checkbox next to ”[]”
  • Hit [+ Add placements] and choose the campaign and Ad Group

To verify, look at the main menu:

  • Click “Campaigns” tab
  • Click the name of your specific campaign’s name
  • Click the “Networks” tab
  • Lookd for Managed placements. Hit “show details.”
  • should be listed near the bottom of the page.

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