Thursday, March 6, 2008 - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Feature StoryIn and OutDespite a national profile as an openly gay soldier, Uncle Sam still wants Sgt. Darren Manzella
NewsChili NightTrade show features chili cook-off
NewsBenton HonoredLocal gay publisher lauded by community
NewsChaos Closes17th Street venue ceases operation
NewsAsylum GrantedKosovo GLBT activist finds safe harbor in U.S.
NewsSoutheast MemoriesMembers of the gay and lesbian community gather to share their recollections about the venues of Southeast D.C.
DanceReynolds RapActress Debbie Reynolds on Hollywood, gay men, and ballroom dancing at the Lyric in Baltimore
FilmRaiding Spielberg'Raider of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation'
FilmPig StyUnsuitable for anyone, 'Penelope' is a boar
MusicMalfunctioningJanet Jackson's new album is sullied by inane interludes and embarrassing lyrics, while Atlas Sound leaves you befuddled
StageIllusions of GrandeurAided by the magic of Teller, the Folger's telling of The Scottish Play is thoughtful, deliberate and outstanding
OpinionVacation ViceCommentary: Stonewall Baby
HoroscopeHoroscopeMarch 6-12, 2008
SpreeTime FliesClever clocks worth your time
GardeningPreparing to BloomGardening experts share tips on how to welcome spring in the city
Snapshots Rehab's Grand Opening Rehab Ward Morrison
Snapshots Monday Night Showtunes JR.'s Bar Ward Morrison

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