Thursday, May 17, 2012 - Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feature StoryDrawn TogetherWith their queer artists' collective Boys Be Good, Christopher Cunetto and Jason Edward Tucker are finding that there's strength and artistry in numbers
Feature StoryThe Gay GourmandJonathan Bardzik feeds his passion at Eastern Market
NewsMarking IDAHO at HRCHuman Rights First releases its new report on LGBTI refugees at event marking International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
NewsLGBT Locals Cheer Obama's Marriage-Equality StanceD.C., Maryland, Virginia groups praise Obama's support for same-sex marriage
NewsNational LGBT Briefs: Little State, Big MoveChafee orders recognition for out-of-state marriages, gay Indianapolis teen attacked, and Family Equality Council marks 30 years
NewsGlobal LGBT Briefs: Executions and IncitementMore gays said to be executed in Iran, while gay Israelis take issue with Torah-quoting councilmember
NewsThe Gay GourmandJonathan Bardzik feeds his passion at Eastern Market
NewsJudge Finds Probable Cause in Barracks Row StabbingMarine accused of killing fellow Marine in possible hate crime ordered held without bond to ensure ''safety of the community''
DanceSchool DancesKennedy Center offers college ''dance sampler platters'' next weekend
FilmBull's EyeThe marriage between top-notch acting and real-life narration pays off in Bernie
FilmBlack ComedyJack Black explores the gentle side of murder
MusicMartyr ComplexNational Philharmonic offers D.C. premiere of Debussy's ''Saint Sebastian'' piece
OperaBeautiful DreamersAs an opera of the heart, WNO's ''Werther'' delivers the passion, however overblown
StageA Little BloatedIf you can't keep up with the overabundance of characters, Meal's message will get lost in the details
HoroscopeHoroscopeMay 17-23, 2012
Coverboy InterviewCoverboy: EugeneThe self-assured social butterfly
PollWhat's your favorite Donna Summer song?Last Dance? Hot Stuff? Tell us what you think.

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