Thursday, November 18, 2010 - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feature StoryThe Legacy of LaramieArena Stage forum with playwright Moises Kaufman, actors from Tectonic, and SMYAL's Andrew Barnett
Feature StoryStoried LivesPlaywright Moises Kaufman of The Laramie Project listens to voices of the living and the lost to tell stories of ourselves and lessons for our future
NewsBetts SentencingGloria Allred to ask the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Betts murder as a hate crime
NewsUps and Downs of a Lame DuckGood indicators for DADT repeal after midterms quickly shot down
NewsWorld Bank RelentsFollowing Metro Weekly report, groups' petition effort, bank pulls matching funds for ''ex-gay'' organization
NewsExpanding EffortThe Center hires its first HIV program associate
NewsLove GameWorld Team Tennis event raises more than $500,000 for HIV/AIDS organizations
NewsLights, Camera, LoveAGLA organizing Artishpere ''kiss-in'' to promote tolerance
ArtCrystal CityLia Halloran and Sarah Strauss have created a ''cave'' of huge ''crystals,'' on display at Artisphere
FilmMr. WizardAided by nuanced performances and a rich plot, director David Yates delivers big in the penultimate ''Harry Potter''
MusicCrazy GoodThe Lady Killer proves Cee Lo Green is worth getting to know on his own, while Röyksopp's Senior is a bit bland
StageOpposites AttractSignature and Studio examine the ties that bind us, one with the Kennedys and the other with crullers
StageHouse of GamesGregory Moss captures the notorious personalities that fed upon JonBenet, but his House of Gold ultimately withers on the vine
ClublifeNew WingsThe DC Eagle celebrates 39 years of serving the leather community as its longtime owner steps aside
OpinionStale AirThe past year has shown our government is incapable of dealing rationally with gay lives and issues
OpinionHistory RepeatingThe times may change, but human dispositions remain stubbornly static
HoroscopeHoroscopeNovember 18-24, 2010
VideoAmanda Simpson speaks on Transgender Day of Remembrance [video]Victims of crime bring community together at MCC DC
VideoOutspoken, Ep. 14: Gay Bowling [video]IGBO's mid-year tournament
Coverboy InterviewCoverboy: Omar
Snapshots World Team Tennis Smash Hits Fundraiser American University's Bender Arena Ward Morrison
Snapshots Us Helping Us's Passion for Living Sun Trust Bank Penthouse Ward Morrison
Snapshots Ziegfeld's / Secrets Ziegfeld's / Secrets Ward Morrison
Snapshots Whitman-Walker Clinic's Art for Life Auction Carnegie Institute Ward Morrison
Snapshots Blowoff 9:30 Club Ward Morrison

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