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News - Published on: Feb 22, 2013
D.C. Superior Court judge warns Robinson after he fails to comply with release terms
News - Published on: Nov 7, 2012
Robinson, previously released on bond, fails to show for scheduled court appearance
News - Published on: Oct 9, 2012
Defense attorney requests rescheduling in case of transgender woman attacked in Chinatown
News - Published on: Sept 28, 2012
Robinson pleads not guilty to charge with bias enhancement, as defense demands jury trial
News - Published on: Sept 26, 2012
Police count five incidents, ranging from beatings to groping, with bias elements in past two weeks
News - Published on: Aug 2, 2012
Gay theater raided in Beirut, while new Chinese dictionary omits most commonly used term for gays
Opinion - Published on: June 4, 2009
Commentary: Stonewall Baby