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Poll - Published on: Apr 7, 2012
Take our poll. Enter to win an XBox 360.
Opera - Published on: May 27, 2010
As long as allergy season doesn't sideline Futral further, WNO's Hamlet is worth your while
Stage - Published on: May 6, 2010
Graham Hamilton plays Hamlet with a creeping and dark charisma, while Tom Carman meets his match in Mrs. Robinson
Film - Published on: Aug 28, 2008
Willfully offensive and wildly funny, 'Hamlet 2' bitch slaps the bard while 'The House Bunny' is dumb as they come
Stage - Published on: June 21, 2007
'Hamlet' may test your patience at times, but if you have some you might find something you like in this effete Dane