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Gay Community Directory
Provide access to quality healthcare under the premise that all humans are inherently of equal worth but have cultural and linguistic differences that must be considered. This philosophy reflects a high level of community health care that has been validated by over three decades of direct service to minorities and underserved populations (including HIV/AIDS, Latino/Hispanic, African-American)
Gay Community Directory
Provider of patient-centered interdisciplinary health care for our diverse communities including those individuals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender; HIV infected and affected. 2nd location: 8507 Liberty Road; Randallstown, MD.
Gay Community Directory
includes AIDSWalk Maryland.
Gay Community Directory
Offers free, rapid HIV testing
Gay Community Directory
Services include ''Diva Chat'' support group.
Gay Community Directory
Established in 1978, Whitman-Walker Clinic is a non-profit, community-based provider of health care in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Through two sites in the District of Columbia (Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in NW, Max Robinson Center in SE), the Clinic offers primary medical and dental care; mental health and addictions counseling and treatment; HIV education, prevention, and testing; legal services; and medical adherence case management. Whitman-Walker Clinic is committed to meeting the health needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and people living with HIV/AIDS. Call 202-745-700 or visit www.wwc.org.

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Northeast, Washington, DC

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News - Published on: Mar 6, 2014
Mayor Gray's statement on 2013 DISB ruling gives transgender D.C. residents access to medically necessary care
News - Published on: Feb 24, 2014
New mobile-testing unit will allow for expansion of HIV and STD screenings
News - Published on: Dec 10, 2013
Longtime nurse, HIV/AIDS advocate will be tasked with planning for delivery of HIV/AIDS services to D.C. area
News - Published on: Dec 3, 2013
Mayor Gray and others join at original site of Whitman-Walker Health for annual remembrance
News - Published on: Nov 14, 2013
Memorial event honors victims of anti-trans violence, while 2013 also saw the end of one of the community's primary service providers
News - Published on: Nov 12, 2013
Federally Qualified Health Center designation opens door to new funding
News - Published on: Nov 7, 2013
''Pillar of Fire'' honors health care providers who faced the challenges of the early days of D.C.'s HIV/AIDS epidemic
News - Published on: Nov 4, 2013
Facebook votes will decide if LBT women's health organization wins Cigna grant
News - Published on: Oct 25, 2013
Consulting firm to be recognized with Community Service Award
News - Published on: Oct 7, 2013
Organizers open registration for annual conference promoting well-being among black gay and bi men
News - Published on: Oct 4, 2013
Community health center urges federal agencies to apply LGBT-inclusive ''sex discrimination'' definition in health care
News - Published on: Sept 20, 2013
LGBT community center to expand GLOV's anti-violence work, provide guidance on new D.C. health exchange
News - Published on: Sept 19, 2013
Northern Virginia's Gay Men's Health Collaborative building a brand that's part health resource, part social club
News - Published on: Sept 12, 2013
Health center's biggest annual fundraiser marking 27th year
News - Published on: Aug 29, 2013
Already famous for his work in cancer detection, 16-year-old Jack Andraka is tackling a new project
News - Published on: July 20, 2013
Washington-area medical centers make the list of LGBT-friendly facilities on 2013 Healthcare Equality Index
News - Published on: June 4, 2013
Lesbian health organization announces WWH collaboration, executive director departure
News - Published on: May 14, 2013
Due to growing demand, health center now offering meningitis vaccinations to non-patients
News - Published on: Apr 19, 2013
Whitman-Walker Health advising men meeting certain sexual criteria to take precautions against potentially deadly illness
News - Published on: Apr 18, 2013
Whitman-Walker Health advises Washington-area gay and bi men not to worry after California and New York cases
News - Published on: Apr 2, 2013
Activists call for competent, culturally sensitive care for transgender people, equal coverage for medical procedures
News - Published on: Mar 21, 2013
Community health center reports strong financials, increase in patients, and ''cautious optimism'' for 2013
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 7, 2013
Executive Director Leslie Calman credits partnerships for some recent momentum
News - Published on: Mar 7, 2013
Community health center names out senator its ''Partner for Life'' ahead of April gala
Business - Published on: Jan 31, 2013
Small businesses step up their support for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
News - Published on: Jan 8, 2013
Community health center to open new ''health care home,'' increasing presence on 14th Street corridor
News - Published on: Nov 21, 2012
Activists critical of move from full site to MPD page
News - Published on: Nov 15, 2012
Locals prepare traditional memorial event, along with transgender health discussion
News - Published on: Nov 7, 2012
Project Healthy Living offering 3-day conference for black gay and bi men
News - Published on: Oct 25, 2012
AIDS Walk Washington honors an activist's decades in the fight against HIV/AIDS
News - Published on: Aug 11, 2012
D.C.'s LGBT community center honored for work with youth, but its director says there's still much more to do
News - Published on: Aug 2, 2012
Despite obstacles, activists see hope in the fight against the epidemic
Opinion - Published on: July 12, 2012
The ''MSM'' label negates community, the very key to our health
Feature Story - Published on: July 12, 2012
Gay Men's Health Summit
Feature Story - Published on: July 12, 2012
Gay Men's Health Summit
Feature Story - Published on: July 12, 2012
Gay Men's Health Summit
Feature Story - Published on: July 12, 2012
Gay Men's Health Summit
Feature Story - Published on: July 12, 2012
Advocate Christopher Dyer gets the conversation started ahead of the Gay Men's Health Summit plus a peek at what's in store
Opinion - Published on: July 5, 2012
Tea party tempests and Republican intransigence vs. ACA ruling
News - Published on: June 28, 2012
''Return to Lisner'' marks three decades of HIV/AIDS in D.C.
News - Published on: June 21, 2012
Activists say personal education, honesty, patient-doctor relationships crucial to LGBT health
News - Published on: June 21, 2012
Mayor and other city officials tout progress, announce initiatives to move HIV-positive people beyond inconsistent care
News - Published on: June 20, 2012
HRC ranks D.C. area a top region for LGBT-friendly health care
News - Published on: June 19, 2012
Retail chain partners with local health center for National HIV Testing Day initiative
News - Published on: June 15, 2012
County will extend benefits to same-sex spouses of employees legally married out of state
News - Published on: June 14, 2012
Health providers and activists get their fill with ancillary events for MSM health
News - Published on: May 31, 2012
Free clinic will help clients with name and gender changes for official documents
News - Published on: May 28, 2012
Sunday's Health & Wellness Expo was full of education, but even stronger on community and communication
Black Pride Guide - Published on: May 24, 2012
Health & Wellness means everything from family to finance to fun
News - Published on: May 7, 2012
D.C.'s sixth annual transgender event goes from early June to mid-May to sidestep Trans-Health conference
News - Published on: Apr 30, 2012
Grammy-winner coming to Washington for SAMHSA honor and Capitol Hill push
News - Published on: Apr 17, 2012
HHS secretary receiving award at spring gala for work on the Affordable Care Act
News - Published on: Mar 28, 2012
Whitman-Walker offers third Community Conversation
News - Published on: Mar 19, 2012
Recent attacks sparking strong community reaction are not alone among reported incidents of past few months
News - Published on: Mar 6, 2012
Community health center expected to finish with operating gain for second year in a row
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 1, 2012
From cancer survivor to happily divorced, Fran Drescher has a thing or two to say about life, liberty and equality for all
News - Published on: Feb 9, 2012
WWH launches monthly ''Community Conversations'' series
News - Published on: Dec 8, 2011
Personal connections, interventions can help combat spread of HIV, organizers say
News - Published on: Dec 1, 2011
Whitman-Walker executive director honored for health center's financial progress
News - Published on: Nov 17, 2011
GW's LGBT law-school group holds blood drive to highlight FDA ban
News - Published on: Nov 10, 2011
Secretary of State offers strategy for limiting infections worldwide
News - Published on: Nov 3, 2011
In rain and snow, thousands raise money, awareness at 25th Annual AIDS Walk
News - Published on: Oct 27, 2011
Whitman-Walker honors individuals for efforts against HIV/AIDS
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 20, 2011
Kameny's needs illustrated the vulnerabilities of aging
News - Published on: Oct 20, 2011
WWH announces grand marshals of 25th AIDS Walk
News - Published on: Oct 13, 2011
Health provider opens its doors for review of renovations and services
News - Published on: Oct 6, 2011
Yoga fundraiser to help women with breast cancer readies D.C. debut
News - Published on: Sept 15, 2011
Brian McKernan, formerly of Whitman-Walker, killed by wayward car while attempting to aid injured motorcyclist
Music - Published on: Sept 8, 2011
Joel Ang brings the World Doctors Orchestra to Strathmore to remember 9/11
News - Published on: Sept 8, 2011
Director of Miracle Hands uses radio show to call Catania and Graham ''faggots'' and criticize investigation of his organization
Feature Story - Published on: July 28, 2011
Brian Watson shares the frustrations of challenging the status quo as he fights for homeless LGBT youth and the transgender community
News - Published on: July 28, 2011
Leaders in fight against HIV/AIDS announce plan for march to coincide with AIDS 2012
Opinion - Published on: July 28, 2011
The murder of Lashai Mclean highlights the best in our LGBT community and what's lacking
News - Published on: July 20, 2011
Victim was shot early Wednesday morning in Northeast Washington
News - Published on: June 29, 2011
''Wig Aid Live'' raises about $2,000 for Wanda Alston House
News - Published on: June 23, 2011
Locals mobilize for National HIV Testing Day
News - Published on: June 16, 2011
T.H.E. sets Fannie Mae funds to parenting effort
News - Published on: Apr 27, 2011
Clinic rebrands as Whitman-Walker Health
News - Published on: Apr 21, 2011
Whitman-Walker recognized as ''Clinic of the Year''
News - Published on: Apr 8, 2011
HUD launches LGBT-inclusive ad campaign as agency reviews more than 350 comments on LGBT-related proposed rule
Opinion - Published on: Mar 31, 2011
The new IOM report on LGBT healthcare gives us the long-needed data to fight for our community's health
News - Published on: Mar 10, 2011
Chris Dyer creates advisory board to help raise funds for the Wanda Alston House
News - Published on: Mar 3, 2011
Mayor creates new HIV/AIDS entity, while groups struggle to secure condoms
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 25, 2010
The people of the Carl Vogel Center turn health care into community
Video - Published on: Nov 24, 2010
Gay youth speak about services available at Transgender Health Empowerment Drop-In Center
Sex - Published on: July 28, 2010
It's definitely not your father's condom, but female condoms may be some gay men's new best friend
News - Published on: June 7, 2010
Non-fatal shooting in Northeast leads to arrest
News - Published on: June 4, 2010
Transgender activist offers local screening of Latino-trans documentary that transcends borders
News - Published on: May 20, 2010
HHS advisory committee will tackle societal and economic not solely scientific issues relating to FDA ban on blood donation for men who have had sex with men
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 29, 2010
Fine-tuning his passion for advocacy
News - Published on: Apr 22, 2010
Local LGBT community bids farewell to a ''icon''
News - Published on: Apr 8, 2010
DC Trans Coalition calls on the trans community to join them for a meal with meaning, indentifying goals in the coming year
Opinion - Published on: Mar 18, 2010
Despite gains in society, gays and lesbians still face challenges receiving equal treatment in health care
News - Published on: Feb 22, 2010
LGBT provisions that were part of the House health care reform bill are missing in president's new health care plan
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 19, 2009
Earline Budd's journey has been difficult and dangerous -- and led her to bring compassion to her activism
News - Published on: Oct 23, 2009
Long-awaited passage of bill tops a week of new LGBT gains at federal level
News - Published on: Oct 15, 2009
RHP honors new group of local GLBT ''Pioneers''
News - Published on: Sept 3, 2009
Community mourns, seeks answers, after trans woman killed
News - Published on: Sept 3, 2009
GLBT groups scrambling in wake of D.C. budget cuts
News - Published on: Aug 27, 2009
Vigil set after trans women attacked, one killed
News - Published on: July 23, 2009
Wanda Alston House prepares to mark its first anniversary serving GLBT youth in need
News - Published on: May 14, 2009
Gay group convened to marshal resources in local cancer fight
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 16, 2009
Next Generation Awards 2009
Body - Published on: Dec 11, 2008
Beating anxiety about your ''before'' body may be the first step to a new you
News - Published on: Nov 20, 2008
Director says too few patients for gay-specific programs
News - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
Community crafts responses to crimes, past and present
News - Published on: Oct 30, 2008
Meth Group leaders to share Seattle summit insights
News - Published on: Aug 28, 2008
GLBT activists debate arrests in new Mount Vernon strip
News - Published on: May 22, 2008
D.C.'s first transitional home for GLBT youth to open June 1
News - Published on: May 15, 2008
Contestants from around U.S. gather for THE
Body - Published on: May 1, 2008
With summer sun just around the corner, it's time to check your skin's health
News - Published on: Apr 17, 2008
Activist Brian Watson honored by GLAA, along with five others
News - Published on: Feb 14, 2008
D.C. Rape Crisis Center offers sessions for lesbian and male sexual-abuse survivors
News - Published on: Feb 7, 2008
Black Pride brings in the coats
News - Published on: Jan 24, 2008
A recent Town Hall meeting on HIV/AIDS offers hope
News - Published on: Jan 10, 2008
'This Is Not the Dream' meeting to be held at Unity Fellowship Church
News - Published on: Dec 27, 2007
Holiday-related stress and depression levels are higher among lesbians respondents
News - Published on: Nov 15, 2007
Transgender Day of Remembrance reminds D.C. residents of cold cases, murders
News - Published on: Nov 1, 2007
'Out and Healthy' conference focuses on LGBT community health issues
News - Published on: Oct 25, 2007
Daylong conference strives to encourage healthy living among LBTQ women
News - Published on: Oct 11, 2007
DC's Department of Health updating Directory of Services
News - Published on: Aug 16, 2007
District to hold career day and job fair
News - Published on: July 12, 2007
D.C. marks the first-ever Transgender Awareness Month
News - Published on: Apr 19, 2007
New STD treatment plans mirror current trends in treating gay men
News - Published on: Mar 15, 2007
Whitman-Walker Clinic to hold 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Week' open house
News - Published on: Mar 8, 2007
Transgender Health Empowerment launches its first pageant
News - Published on: Mar 1, 2007
Local dietitian offers nutritional ''dos'' and ''don'ts'' for HIV-positive people
News - Published on: Feb 15, 2007
Family of slain transgender woman hears details of her death
News - Published on: Feb 1, 2007
Lesbian Murder Mystery, Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Transgender Murder Update
Opinion - Published on: June 1, 2006
A Town Square Opinion
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 6, 2006
The GLBT community looks ahead to its golden years
News - Published on: Mar 16, 2006
TV ad warns against crystal meth usage in the gay male community
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 16, 2006
Hunting for a new strain of chlamydia among gay men in D.C.
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 5, 2006
2005 Year in Review: Crytal Meth and super STDs were widely reported to have struck the gay community
News - Published on: Dec 15, 2005
DC City Council moves forward with smoking ban for restaurants and nightlife venues
News - Published on: Dec 8, 2005
DC's GLBT Center takes anti-crystal methamphetamine message to DC's gay nightclubs
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 1, 2005
Kathleen DeBold's Mautner Mission
News - Published on: Aug 4, 2005
A local gay man makes his meth use into a very public issue
Feature Story - Published on: July 7, 2005
A grassroots alliance gains momentum in its fight against methamphetamines
News - Published on: May 12, 2005
Spirit of Light Awards at LuLu's to benefit Transgender Health Empowerment
News - Published on: Mar 31, 2005
Whitman-Walker Joins Efforts to Prohibit Smoking
News - Published on: Mar 17, 2005
National Coalition for LGBT Health meeting assesses crystal meth's threat to the community
News - Published on: Mar 10, 2005
LGBT Health Awareness Week begins March 13
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 6, 2005
Six ways to clean up your act in 2005
News - Published on: Jan 6, 2005
Lesbian healthcare could be negatively impacted by recent anti-gay marriage laws
News - Published on: Dec 2, 2004
New STD data keeps D.C. in the top 25
Money - Published on: Sept 30, 2004
Ideas for dieters on cutting costs and carbohydrates together
Dining - Published on: Sept 2, 2004
DC breafast restaurants: The Diner and Left Bank in Adams Morgan, Market Lunch on Capitol Hill, Healthbar in Dupont
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 15, 2004
How Coming Out Can Affect Your Healthcare
Body - Published on: Apr 1, 2004
Health: Dental experts on tooth whitening products and procedures
Health - Published on: Mar 4, 2004
Health: What causes exercise pain?
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 5, 2004
Experts Weigh in On Low-Carb Diets
Health - Published on: Feb 5, 2004
Health: Whitman-Walker Clinic introduces fees for Lesbian Health Center
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 5, 2004
Setting Your Fitness Goals and Reaching Them
Health - Published on: Nov 13, 2003
Health: The Gay American Smoke-Out
Health - Published on: Oct 30, 2003
Health: The facts about hepatitis B and C strains and how to protect yourself
Health - Published on: Oct 16, 2003
Health: Are you at risk for hepatitis?
Health - Published on: Oct 2, 2003
Health: Lesbians at risk for HPV but some doctors ignore need for pap smears
News - Published on: Apr 10, 2003
Doug Ward Takes His Medical Expertise Primetime
News - Published on: Mar 20, 2003
Forum Focuses on Impact of Crystal Meth in LGBT Community
Health - Published on: Mar 20, 2003
Health: The LGBT Community Gets a Taste of its Own Medicine
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 13, 2003
A Fantastic Voyage through the Colossal Colon
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 13, 2003
Schedule of local events
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 13, 2003
Broadening the Focus on Gay and Lesbian Health
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 6, 2003
Us Helping Us Executive Director Ron Simmons
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 16, 2003
Is Cloning the Key to Gay Reproduction?
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 18, 2002
Earline Budd and the Transgender Movement
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 21, 2002
The MW Interview