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A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from sexual compulsion.

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Stage - Published on: Jan 30, 2014
MetroStage's ''Ella Fitzgerald'' is best when its simply singing, while Constellation's ''Scapin'' is simply delightful
Stage - Published on: Jan 30, 2014
Despite its confectionary-like pleasures and exuberant good-naturedness, this isn't the most riveting of ''Earnests''
News - Published on: Jan 30, 2014
Local support organization Brother, Help Thyself awards more than $75,000 to assist area nonprofits
News - Published on: Aug 8, 2013
From 'The Real World' to Washington, Sasser made his mark humbly
Opinion - Published on: July 15, 2013
Overcoming the blindness of prejudice requires reaching across our contentious diversity
Feature Story - Published on: June 20, 2013
Team DC raises LGBT visibility with heavy hitters
Feature Story - Published on: June 20, 2013
Team DC welcomes Pascal Tessier onto Nationals field with its annual Spirit Award
Opera - Published on: May 9, 2013
There's plenty to enjoy in the way the WNO's ''Show Boat'' treads the waters between opera and musicals
Opinion - Published on: Apr 25, 2013
A trip down a wild and wonderful memory lane as we get set to celebrate the Tracks reunion
Opera - Published on: Mar 7, 2013
When sung by a soprano of Racette's caliber, Manon a story not to be missed
Poll - Published on: Feb 25, 2013
You're either happy with the Academy... or not. Tell us!
Film - Published on: Feb 21, 2013
Our film critic takes a hard-nosed look at the Oscars and comes up with his predictions on who will and who should take home a prize
News - Published on: Feb 9, 2013
Annual charity-fundraising bake sale becomes a weekend-long event
Feature Story - Published on: Dec 20, 2012
While 2012 held some coming out surprises, some of the biggest stories drew a collective ''Finally!''
News - Published on: Dec 11, 2012
With Prop. 8 and DOMA heading for SCOTUS, historic hope mingles with quieter caution
News - Published on: Nov 29, 2012
Michael Kaplan brings his drive and dedication to AIDS United
Opinion - Published on: Oct 11, 2012
There is too much at stake to entertain absolutes or allow lies to go unchallenged
Stage - Published on: Sept 13, 2012
Kennedy Center hosts a showcase of new talented composers
Film - Published on: May 2, 2012
Magnificently helmed by Joss Whedon, ''The Avengers'' is a gargantuan joy, so see it in the largest, loudest theater you can find
Music - Published on: Apr 12, 2012
Anthony Rapp, one of the first openly gay leading men on Broadway, is still mining his ''Rent'' success
Poll - Published on: Feb 25, 2012
Take our Oscar Poll! Enter to win Free Movie Passes!
Poll - Published on: Feb 23, 2012
Be sure to read this week's cover story to see our picks.
Film - Published on: Feb 23, 2012
Our critic offers up his thoughts about for what should win -- and what he'd like to see win -- at The 2012 Oscars this Sunday night
Film - Published on: Feb 23, 2012
The Center toasts the town with an Oscar party at Town
News - Published on: Feb 16, 2012
Scarlet's Bake Sale harnesses kinky cooks for fundraiser
Opera - Published on: Sept 15, 2011
WNO's 'Tosca' is everything a traditional production should be. In fact, it's everything any thoughtfully produced opera should be
Feature Story - Published on: July 7, 2011
Eight years after the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws, lawyer Paul Smith looks to the future of LGBT equality
Video - Published on: Mar 1, 2011
Oscar Night Benefit by The DC Center
Clublife - Published on: Feb 10, 2011
Edible baked goods in crazy shapes and themes take the charity cake at the 40-year-old Scarlet's Bake Sale
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 14, 2010
It's not too early to start planning for spring when it comes to a beautiful garden
News - Published on: Oct 13, 2010
Former student commits suicide, seemingly related to sexuality, though father says she was not bullied directly
News - Published on: June 25, 2010
News Analysis: Supreme Court upholds Washington state law allowing disclosure of names of those who sign referendum petitions generally, but domestic-partnership referendum names remain in limbo
News - Published on: Apr 28, 2010
In case challenging disclosure of names of those who signed anti-gay petition in Washington, Scalia notes that ''democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage''
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 22, 2010
Queer on Campus
Video - Published on: Mar 11, 2010
The DC Center's 5th Annual Oscar Gala brought a little Hollywood-style glamour and glitz to Town Danceboutique
Film - Published on: Mar 4, 2010
The 2010 Academy Awards will feature a parade of already-anointed winners and a bloated Best Picture category
Video - Published on: Feb 14, 2010
The D.C. leather community's annual Scarlet's Bake Sale raises thousands for local charities
Music - Published on: Jan 7, 2010
Metric draws much of its influence from club music, while Polly Scattergood captures the depressed mood of the times
Stage - Published on: Nov 26, 2009
As You Like It steers a forced and sometimes indecipherable course through time and space, quickly growing tiresome
Stage - Published on: Nov 19, 2009
Signature's revival of Show Boat avoids choppy waters in bringing a Broadway classic to an Arlington port
Events - Published on: Sept 24, 2009
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa breathes some new life in Wilde's classic tale
Film - Published on: Feb 19, 2009
The Academy Awards are upon us, and we offer our best educated guesses as to who will take home the prizes
Film - Published on: Feb 5, 2009
Ken Kwapis turns in a romantic dud
Food - Published on: Feb 5, 2009
With a dash of creativity, nearly anyone can join the Scarlet's Bake Sale fun
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 23, 2008
Gay locals talk politics in the final stretch to Nov. 4
Film - Published on: Aug 21, 2008
Woody Allen explores love in his latest film and while doing so takes us on a mesmerizing tour of Barcelona
Stage - Published on: July 17, 2008
Bears take to the beach at Fringe Festival
Stage - Published on: July 3, 2008
A Washington native-turned-Broadway success takes on multiple roles
Stage - Published on: May 22, 2008
What should have been a Scandal that sizzles, fizzles on the stage at Folger
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 17, 2008
Oscar G will close Cherry in signature heated fashion
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 17, 2008
This weekend's Cherry 2008 event springs forth with a promise to please most everyone
Film - Published on: Feb 21, 2008
We guess which movies, directors, designers and actors will be rewarded by the Academy at this Sunday's Oscar ceremony
News - Published on: Feb 14, 2008
Annual bake sale raises $12,000
News - Published on: Feb 7, 2008
Scarlet's brings out the baked goods
Film - Published on: Jan 18, 2007
A pair of intelligent movies deal with fantasy worlds to different effect, but both achieve ultimate magnificence
Film - Published on: Aug 3, 2006
A clumsily-crafted romantic comedy, 'Scoop' is completely devoid of anything remotely resembling pleasure
Film - Published on: July 20, 2006
Kevin Smith's 'Clerks II' is a fine return to form, while Richard Linklater's 'Scanner Darkly' is an experimental adventure
Soundwaves (archive) - Published on: May 4, 2006
Rihanna, Cascada, Duran Duran, more
Film - Published on: Mar 2, 2006
Will the GLBT community's hope of a gay cowboy sweep crash? No one knows for sure, but we do our best to pick 'em.
News - Published on: May 12, 2005
Spirit of Light Awards at LuLu's to benefit Transgender Health Empowerment
Film - Published on: Feb 24, 2005
'Constantine' follows your basic keep-evil-down-below storyline but is still enjoyable, plus our Oscar picks
Clublife - Published on: Feb 17, 2005
DJ Escape brings his unique mix to Cobalt
News - Published on: Nov 11, 2004
Some local, gay Kerry campaigners share their post-election emotions
TV - Published on: Apr 1, 2004
''Wonderfalls'' on Fox
News - Published on: July 3, 2003
The biggest gay rights victory ever will lead to an even larger battle over marriage
Soundwaves (archive) - Published on: Oct 24, 2002
DJ Dan, DJ Escape
Soundwaves (archive) - Published on: Aug 22, 2002
Hex Hector, DJ Escape.