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Community Directory

Gay Community Directory
All-volunteer organization serving the gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning members of the Asian and Pacific Islander community in the metro Washington, DC area.
Gay Community Directory
''An organization for API (Asian Pacific Islander) lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning women in the Washington DC metro area, focusing on queer issues, education, community and sisterhood.''
Gay Community Directory
Group provides gay Asians and non-Asians a wide range of social, cultural and educational activities. Weekly Happy Hour meeting at Cobalt on 17th Street in DC.
Gay Community Directory
''Pride and Heritage: A Celebration during the month of May -- designated as A/PI Heritage Month by the U.S. government -- of LGBTQ (queer) Asian/Pacific Islander Communities is a series of events that recognizes LGBTQ A/PIs and their contributions to to their culture and community.''
Gay Community Directory
A social, support and political group that provides a safe and supportive environment, promotes awareness and acceptance, and fosters positive cultural and sexual identity for LGBTQ South Asians in the Washington, DC area.

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Opinion - Published on: Mar 20, 2014
If the world has an LGBT capital, there's plenty of argument to be made for D.C.
Opinion - Published on: Mar 13, 2014
As tensions simmer in Crimea, one gay activist calls for calm -- and human-rights monitors
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Olympics put Russia's anti-LGBT crackdown in the spotlight -- for now
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Asylum seeker again shares his story with D.C. audience
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Margaret Cho reaches toward wisdom as she sharpens her edge with moderation
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Like it does with gays, TV too often makes Asians fashion-accessory friends rather than actual characters
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Punk band Louna protests its country's anti-gay policies
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Fashionista In Training
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Taking time to emphasize the positive doesn't mean turning a blind eye to the world's woes
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Sunday protest to oppose oppression of LGBT community in Russia
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LA Galaxy's out soccer star Robbie Rogers hits the field on his own terms
Opinion - Published on: Aug 15, 2013
Don't expect gay Olympic athletes to save LGBT Russians from a government that knows no shame
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Experts emphasize complexities of situation for LGBT Russians at Center Global forum, as one Russian activist urges boycotts
Opinion - Published on: Aug 8, 2013
Vladimir Putin, we're breaking up
Opinion - Published on: Aug 7, 2013
There are ways for us to combat Russia's evil anti-gay campaign of terror, including some that start in our own backyard
Opinion - Published on: Aug 1, 2013
The violence and homophobia terrorizing LGBT Russians demands more response than switching cocktails
Opinion - Published on: July 11, 2013
Russia's latest is another call for greater global activism
Feature Story - Published on: May 9, 2013
Next Generation Awards 2013
Opinion - Published on: Apr 18, 2013
Uplifting All Voices offers a chance for all communities to speak loudly as immigration-reform allies
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 24, 2013
Star Trek put him on the map. Facebook launched him to superstardom. And a musical called Allegiance is earning him raves. What's next for George Takei? Only time will tell.
Music - Published on: Dec 13, 2012
The year 2013 promises to be a banner year for Cheyenne Jackson, who will ring it in in style at the Kennedy Center
Opinion - Published on: Sept 20, 2012
Tunisia gets a timely lesson in banishing bullies
News - Published on: July 26, 2012
Liberian President Sirleaf says she won't allow gay bills -- pro or con -- despite legislative push, and Russia's Pussy Riot punk rockers get trial date
News - Published on: June 14, 2012
Moscow gets a century of censorship, Catholics up the stakes in Uganda and Italy's Cassano takes heat for homophobia
News - Published on: May 31, 2012
Police arrest activists, Manji's Asia tour ends with a ban, and UAE suspect says blame the gay neighbor
Opinion - Published on: May 24, 2012
The kick-off to the pride season, DC Black Pride weekend is a community celebration we all should join
Feature Story - Published on: May 2, 2012
The Next Generation Awards 2012
Stage - Published on: Mar 23, 2012
A show in a show may have an apropos nesting-doll quality, but the prize inside is merely acceptable
Coverboy Interview - Published on: Mar 17, 2012
From Vietnam to the DMV
News - Published on: Mar 8, 2012
Next Generation winner bests councilmembers for Dem convention seat
Coverboy Interview - Published on: Feb 3, 2012
This medical professional from Alexandria likes TV talent shows and tennis matches
Opinion - Published on: Jan 19, 2012
For gay men, the intersection of sex and race brings out the worst in a small number of people, who then make headaches for everyone else
Coverboy Interview - Published on: Dec 13, 2011
A 20-year-old Cambodian native who likes French food, Celine, and dancing at Town
Feature Story - Published on: Dec 16, 2010
Winner: 2010 Nightlife Coverboy of the Year
Video - Published on: Nov 8, 2010
Actor from 'Star Trek' and 'Heroes' talks about being openly gay in Hollywood
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 21, 2010
Two bills that could have an impact on bullying are languishing in Congress
Video - Published on: July 29, 2010
Jujubee takes the stage at Freddie's and performs her heart out
Music - Published on: June 24, 2010
While Cyndi Lauper shows just how blue she can get, Sia Furler heads in the completely opposite direction
Video - Published on: May 24, 2010
Two LGBT teams Out to Paddle and Rainbow Connection compete in the 9th Annual D.C. Dragon Boat Races [video]
Feature Story - Published on: May 19, 2010
From the activist trenches to the halls of power, Ben de Guzman moves the ball forward
Music - Published on: Apr 29, 2010
Next Tuesday, the quirky Aussie singer-songwriter stops by to add to her collection of ''9:30 Club stories.''
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 29, 2010
Taking his talent global
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 29, 2010
First finding her community, then building it for all
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 29, 2010
From India to America, from heartbreak to film
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 22, 2009
Faced with a decision between living with integrity or living a lie, this West Point grad chose honesty
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 8, 2009
National Equality March 2009
Stage - Published on: July 16, 2009
Despite its house-filling, deep-throated gospel and blues voice, The Color Purple is largely comfortable and familiar
Stage - Published on: June 25, 2009
Studio partners with Sherman Cymru to offer Welsh play readings
News - Published on: Apr 23, 2009
Pride and Heritage celebrates community accomplishments
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 16, 2009
Next Generation Awards 2009
Feature Story - Published on: Apr 9, 2009
Gay Director Chay Yew on Woolly's Antebellum and his own military memories
News - Published on: Apr 9, 2009
South Asian GLBT group honors families of LBT women
Dance - Published on: Oct 23, 2008
Aniruddhan Vasudevan performs with Dakshina
Soundwaves (archive) - Published on: May 22, 2008
George Morel, George W Bush and drugs; plus Sia, Ralph Falcon, Saeed Younan
Black Pride Guide - Published on: May 22, 2008
The American Idol brings the heat as this year's Black Pride headliner
News - Published on: May 15, 2008
Metro Weekly honored for coverage
Feature Story - Published on: May 8, 2008
The arrival of spring heralds the arrival of warm weather, blooming flowers, green trees and lots of pride
Feature Story - Published on: May 8, 2008
Out2Paddle is out to make waves and raise awareness, one race at a time
Music - Published on: Apr 24, 2008
Coco Zhao to perform his stylized jazz at Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 20, 2008
Building the South Asian GLBT community locally with KhushDC
Music - Published on: Jan 17, 2008
Sia's latest deserves the wider exposure it's promised to get via Starbucks; Newton-John's live DVD could use a jolt
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 10, 2008
George Takei's Tales from Sulu to Stern
News - Published on: Nov 15, 2007
GLBT Asian group hits the ten spot
News - Published on: Nov 1, 2007
Straight founder of new Maryland group seeks to aid black, same-sex households
News - Published on: May 24, 2007
Asian/Pacific-Islander Queers United for Action (AQUA) paddle team wins race
News - Published on: May 3, 2007
Asian/Pacific Islander GLBTs offering updated Pride and Heritage
News - Published on: Feb 22, 2007
KhushDC honors five South Asian activists for their equal rights efforts
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 25, 2007
Loving Life with Washington's Design Superstar
Feature Story - Published on: May 4, 2006
Celebrating Pride and Heritage with the GLBT Asian/Pacific Islander community
Community Profile - Published on: Apr 13, 2006
A Community Profile
Feature Story - Published on: Feb 23, 2006
Daniel Phoenix Singh's culture of dance
Feature Story - Published on: Dec 1, 2005
National Minority AIDS Council
Feature Story - Published on: Aug 11, 2005
Noi Chudnoff dedicates dollars for social justice
News - Published on: May 12, 2005
Pride & Heritage 2005 celebrates the gay Asian community
Travel - Published on: May 20, 2004
Travel: Thailand offers a splendorous land for vacation, relaxation and reasons to smile
Community Profile - Published on: Mar 4, 2004
A Community Profile
Community Profile - Published on: Jan 22, 2004
A Community Profile
Community Profile - Published on: Dec 11, 2003
A Community Profile
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 30, 2003
Choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess Traces Memories of Korean-American Immigration
News - Published on: May 15, 2003
The Queer Asian/Pacific Islander Community Gets Proud
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 19, 2002
ASIA Theatre Company's Edu. Bernadino