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Legal services, watchdog and policy organization dedicated to ending discrimination against and harassment of military personnel affected by ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' and related forms of intolerance.

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Metro area., Washington, DC

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Opinion - Published on: July 25, 2013
As the future arrives, community may become more choice than necessity
Opinion - Published on: July 2, 2013
With the implosion of OutServe-SLDN, it may be time to ask if the LGBT movement is ready to handle victory
Opinion - Published on: Mar 21, 2013
Ohio military spouse sees senator's turn on gay marriage bringing his own dreams closer
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 29, 2012
As the new head of OutServe-SLDN, Allyson Robinson is opening new fronts in the fight for full equality in the military
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 20, 2012
Crowd marks the one-year anniversary of DADT's end at Intrepid Museum gala
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 20, 2012
News - Published on: Mar 20, 2012
Assessing DADT repeal at the half-year mark shows little disruption, but sticking points on nondiscrimination and a second front on securing out transgender service
News - Published on: Mar 2, 2012
UPDATE: Planned March 3 service ''on hold''
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 1, 2012
The out MSNBC news anchor will be in DC this weekend to help SLDN celebrate its 20th annual national dinner
News - Published on: Nov 23, 2011
Seeking equal spousal benefits for LGB servicemembers, group makes its case in federal court
Feature Story - Published on: Sept 21, 2011
As ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' ends, servicemembers past, present and future wake to a world with one less piece of official discrimination
News - Published on: June 9, 2011
From the Hill to the Pentagon, President Obama and servicemembers face continued reminders that ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' is still on the books
News - Published on: May 31, 2011
News Analysis: House defense bill vote shows how LGBT orgs' strategy leads House Dems to treat LGBT measures differently than GOP did
Video - Published on: Mar 25, 2011
How will Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal change the lives of gay servicememembers
Video - Published on: Mar 21, 2011
2011 SLDN Dinner
Video - Published on: Mar 21, 2011
Maryland congressman given award for helping to end militiary's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy
Video - Published on: Mar 21, 2011
Congressman addressed bigotry of DADT policy, shower fears
Feature Story - Published on: Dec 23, 2010
Get Equal, HRC, GOProud, Log Cabin Republicans and more
Opinion - Published on: Dec 23, 2010
Beyond nuance and spin, something momentous happened Dec. 18
News - Published on: Dec 19, 2010
NEWS ANALYSIS: With the Senate vote repealing ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell,'' a shameful vote of the Congress has finally been reversed but it took education, compromise and time
News - Published on: Dec 16, 2010
SLDN filed a lawsuit this week as the first ''shot across the bow'' of a new litigation strategy should congressional repeal of DADT fail in the coming weeks
News - Published on: Dec 16, 2010
DADT repeal gets new life with House and Senate standalone bills after Senate vote fails, but Marine Corps commandant strikes back with concerns about loss of life
Video - Published on: Dec 10, 2010
SLDN tells Senators 'Don't go home!' until gay military ban is repealed
News - Published on: Dec 9, 2010
DADT comes to a head midweek, with all eyes on Reid
News - Published on: Nov 18, 2010
Good indicators for DADT repeal after midterms quickly shot down
News - Published on: Nov 10, 2010
News Analysis: As the military, the Congress and the White House began discussing post-election prospects for DADT repeal, there were more questions and rumors than answers
News - Published on: Nov 4, 2010
In the wake of large House wins for the GOP and a slim Democratic majority in the Senate, LGBT voters, candidates and organizations face new questions and challenges
News - Published on: Oct 21, 2010
From the White House to military recruiting centers, Judge Phillips's order halting the enforcement of DADT is having ripple effects across the country
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 7, 2010
As established organizations face new perspectives and groups, LGBT advocacy is evolving despite setbacks and challenges
News - Published on: Sept 15, 2010
From Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to Lady Gaga to U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips, it's been a rough week for the military's anti-gay policy
News - Published on: Aug 18, 2010
As the Pentagon sends surveys to opposite-sex military spouses about DADT repeal, a spokeswoman says talking to same-sex military partners is a ''high priority''
News - Published on: July 14, 2010
Pentagon DADT-repeal questionnaire raises questions of bias and participation from gay servicemembers
News - Published on: July 9, 2010
Defense Department spokesman defends DADT troop survey as unbiased, but cannot answer why it polls personnel on negative impact of potential repeal only rather than on negative impact of current policy
News - Published on: July 8, 2010
DADT survey prompts differing views from LGBT-advocacy organizations regarding confidentiality
News - Published on: June 3, 2010
Lesbian retired colonel to serve on Defense Department advisory committee regarding women in the armed services
News - Published on: June 3, 2010
All sides recognize the hurdle just passed toward DADT repeal, but different cautions highlight the delicate balance of compromise
News - Published on: June 2, 2010
White House steps in to move seemingly intractable stakeholders in the past week's pivotal ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' juncture
News - Published on: May 27, 2010
Key Senate vote on ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' amendment succeeds; repeal advocates say vote marks the ''beginning of the end'' of the military policy
News - Published on: May 12, 2010
Pushing for DADT repeal, a group of gay and lesbian veterans meet with members of the Pentagon working group that is considering how to implement such a repeal
News - Published on: May 2, 2010
Dean tells crowd at Lafayette Park rally that equality ''can't be abridged'' moments before six Get Equal protesters handcuff themselves to the White House fence
Opinion - Published on: Apr 29, 2010
A question as old as Stonewall returns in the months since Californians passed Proposition 8
News - Published on: Mar 20, 2010
Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy is a leading proponent for repealing ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
News - Published on: Mar 19, 2010
Retired general testifies in support of DADT by blaming gays for military failures and sexual assaults, believes burden is on gays to prove military will ''become better''
News - Published on: Mar 18, 2010
Some question White House, Congressional enthusiasm for 2010 repeal; Rep. Patrick Murphy's bill gets second Republican sponsor as Rep. Anh Cao signs on
Opinion - Published on: Jan 27, 2010
Leadership from Obama and the Congress can end ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 5, 2009
SLDN readies itself to mobilize a community to take the window of opportunity on DADT repeal
Feature Story - Published on: Jan 15, 2009
Barack Obama's inauguration excites GLBT leaders and activists with the possibility of change
Feature Story - Published on: Nov 13, 2008
We Won, We Lost. What's Next for 2009? (Online Extra)
News - Published on: June 19, 2008
Gay Virginia Delegate serving as new Communications Director of military support organization
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 6, 2008
Despite a national profile as an openly gay soldier, Uncle Sam still wants Sgt. Darren Manzella
News - Published on: Nov 8, 2007
An annual service remembers fallen GLBT veterans
News - Published on: Sept 27, 2007
Aubrey Sarvis comes to SLDN with a mission to get DADT repealed
News - Published on: Aug 30, 2007
Soldier ''perceived'' as gay stays in service
News - Published on: Aug 23, 2007
Soldier ''perceived as gay'' is convicted, demoted by military court
News - Published on: Apr 26, 2007
SMYAL announces new ED, SLDN bids farewell to co-founder
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 22, 2007
Bleu Copas joined the Army in the aftermath of 9/11 -- but the Army decided it didn't want his help
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 22, 2007
When Pam Grier talks, you are going to listen
Feature Story - Published on: Mar 22, 2007
'The L Word's' Cybill Shepherd on gays in the military, sexual attraction and coming out on TV
News - Published on: Aug 17, 2006
Circuit party organizers to distribute $30,000 to gay community groups
Feature Story - Published on: May 11, 2006
A soldier's life under ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
News - Published on: May 5, 2005
SLDN enlists Carol Moseley Braun and Deb Price for annual dinner
News - Published on: Mar 31, 2005
UDC Law Students Protest Military Recruiters
News - Published on: Dec 9, 2004
A new legal challenge aims to overturn 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
News - Published on: Sept 30, 2004
Retired gay general, Keith Kerr, takes aim at 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
News - Published on: Sept 23, 2004
New study examines the lives of gay and lesbian military personnel in Middle East
Feature Story - Published on: May 20, 2004
How the war affects gays in the military and a review of current policy by SLDN Director C. Dixon Osburn
News - Published on: Mar 25, 2004
SLDN finds discharges of gay soldiers declined as nation goes to war
Feature Story - Published on: Oct 2, 2003
TV's Amazing Race winner discusses his Air Force days, working with SLDN, and breaking up with Chip
News - Published on: Mar 27, 2003
Military Discharges Down in 2002
News - Published on: Mar 13, 2003
The U.S. Needs Soldiers and Gays are Responding. Will the Ban be Lifted? Don't Ask.