• National Book Festival

    The Library of Congress has moved up its annual book festival, both on the calendar and in geography. The 14th edition takes place a month...

  • Reform School: Piper Kerman

    ''Orange is the New Black'' author Piper Kerman is on a mission to help improve conditions in prisons

  • DC Center’s OutWrite grows as part of national LGBT book fair boom

    DC Center's OutWrite grows as part of national LGBT book fair boom

  • Big Apple’s Late-Bloomer

    ''Sometimes people get this idea in their head,'' blogger and journalist Kenneth Walsh says. ''Oh, if I get a nose job, my life will be...

  • Reading Sean Strub

    ''Twenty years ago, when a young gay man was diagnosed,'' says longtime AIDS activist and writer Sean Strub, ''there was this loving, supportive AIDS and...

  • Seasonal Scares

    If there's a perfect time to read The First Male, the fifth novel from local gay author Lee Hayes, that time is now. Published in...

  • Pop-Up Books

    Next weekend, D.C. gets its own pop-up gay bookstore. ''We are temporarily taking over the empty storefront right next to the center,'' explains The DC...

  • Outlaws in Love

    A former newspaper reporter and current American University School of Communication professor, Rodger Streitmatter knows plenty about research and writing. Considering his relationship with husband...

  • Proud Son

    ''I think there's no doubt that whatever the stereotype of two lesbians raising kids is, a clean-cut, engineering, Eagle Scout entrepreneur from Iowa probably isn't...

  • Hair-Raising Tale

    When Everett Maroon puts his mind to writing, there's no telling what might come out. Take the novel Super Queers he's shopping around. It's your...

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