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Big Apple's Late-Bloomer

Kenneth Walsh shares adventures in realizing a dream deferred

''Sometimes people get this idea in their head,'' blogger and journalist Kenneth Walsh says. ''Oh, if I get a nose job, my life will be so much better.'' Almost immediately, naysayers chime in: ''Don't put so much focus on this one thing that you think you want.'' {Kenneth Walsh (Photo by David J. Martin)} Walsh's advice? Ignore them. ''It's everything I dreamed it would be, and everything I wanted to have happen in my career,'' he says about his life ... [Read]

Reading Sean Strub

Founder of Poz magazine brings his important new memoir to Washington

''Twenty years ago, when a young gay man was diagnosed,'' says longtime AIDS activist and writer Sean Strub, ''there was this loving, supportive AIDS and gay community that would wrap their arms around him, and accept that the epidemic was a collective responsibility.'' Today? ''That's gone,'' Strub says. ''The gay community has largely abandoned the epidemic in favor of other priorities.'' {Sean Strub (Photo by courtesy Public Impact PR)} In a new book, Strub highlights the real progress that has ... [Read]

Seasonal Scares

Local Lee Hayes's latest bypasses gay and goes straight for the ghastly

If there's a perfect time to read The First Male, the fifth novel from local gay author Lee Hayes, that time is now. Published in September, the supernatural thriller offers ample horror, well suited to Halloween. The novel offers its own date as well: the winter solstice. ''Beneath a cold, blood moon, of the shortest day, He shall come forth in flame; in storm,'' reads a solstice reference from the opening chapter of the book, set in a stormy swamp ... [Read]

Pop-Up Books

The DC Center's OutWrite offers a pop-up gay bookstore

Next weekend, D.C. gets its own pop-up gay bookstore. ''We are temporarily taking over the empty storefront right next to the center,'' explains The DC Center's David Mariner. ''There are so many people that miss the days of Lambda Rising, and miss having an LGBT bookstore.'' The pop-up bookstore, open the evening of Friday, Aug. 3, and all day Saturday, Aug. 4, and will feature 15 vendors – both publishers and independent authors – offering more than 1,000 books, including ... [Read]

Outlaws in Love

AU's Rodger Streitmatter reads ''Outlaw Marriages,'' from his new book of same-sex couples

A former newspaper reporter and current American University School of Communication professor, Rodger Streitmatter knows plenty about research and writing. Considering his relationship with husband Tom Grooms spanning three decades, it's safe to assume he also knows plenty about the intimacies and intricacies of coupledom. That particular skill gives us Streitmatter's latest project, Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples, a nonfiction book released in May. {Rodger Streitmatter (Photo by Jeff Watts)} ''I was able to discover ... [Read]

Proud Son

Zach Wahls, who made a splash when his Iowa speech went viral on YouTube, continues to advocate for LGBT families -- with a book and on Capitol Hill

''I think there's no doubt that whatever the stereotype of two lesbians raising kids is, a clean-cut, engineering, Eagle Scout entrepreneur from Iowa probably isn't that image,'' Zach Wahls tells Metro Weekly. Although that may have been the case before Wahls hit the scene, he has been working nonstop for the past 15 months to make that image exactly what people picture. When Wahls initially spoke out about his moms, Jackie and Terry, it was during a public forum on ... [Read]

Hair-Raising Tale

Transman Everett Maroon brings his story back to D.C.

When Everett Maroon puts his mind to writing, there's no telling what might come out. Take the novel Super Queers he's shopping around. It's your typical ''D.C. LGBT yuppies go to Whole Foods, ingest sesame noodles with odd properties, develop odd super powers, save the world'' routine. ''One guy's power is that if anyone touches him, they get an instant orgasm,'' explains Maroon from his home in Walla Walla, Wash. ''There's a germaphobe who can create 'balls of santorum.''' {Everett ... [Read]

Gay by Association

Michael Ian Black is an affiliated member of the gay community

Michael Ian Black once made out with Bradley Cooper. ''He wasn't yet People's Sexiest Man Alive,'' Black says. ''Had I known he would be that, obviously I would have videotaped it.'' {Michael Ian Black (Photo by Natalie Brasington)} Of course, it was videotaped, as a scene in the 2001 cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer, further popularized on YouTube. But the filmed toolshed tryst isn't the only reason people often mistake Black's orientation. ''I think I just come off as ... [Read]

Benign Fun

Writer, performer, activist Tania Katan pulls back the cancer curtain

Cancer may not be the funniest thing in the world. It's probably not even in your Top 10. But when cancer happens to a funny person, humor finds a way. ''I'm using humor as a lens to enter a world that is uncomfortable,'' explains Tania Katan, who at 40 has already faced down breast cancer – twice – and proactively had her ovaries removed due to genetic inclination for certain cancers. She grants, however, that there may be the rare ... [Read]

Photo Quality

A new book illustrates a range of genuine gay men across America

Things have a way of serendipitously knocking Scott Pasfield off course. Or, perhaps, back on course. In 1994, it was the avalanche out West that buried him under a foot of snow. He crawled out with a new direction in life and a commitment to turn his passion for photography into a career. He moved to New York and made that dream come true. The more-recent course correction was far less dangerous. He also seems a little sheepish about admitting ... [Read]

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