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2011 Gay Events in DC

A look ahead at the new year in pride, politics, pageants and fun

All dates are subject to change at each organizer's discretion. For more detailed information as events approach, check Metro Weekly's ''Community Calendar,'' your complete guide to local community events, both in print and online. JANUARY JAN. 14-17 -- Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. Various locations. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 19 -- Equality Virginia's Lobby Day in Richmond. For a full schedule of events and information, visit JAN. 24-28 -- The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's (GLSEN) No Name-Calling Week. THURSDAY, ... [Read]

Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington

I love to sing, but I'm no Susan Boyle. And until recently, I thought the shower was the only suitable place for my inner-diva. I was wrong. I found another place where I can sing without hesitation or fear of disapproval. It happened on a recent Tuesday evening with the Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington. Singing with the other 20 or so members of the chorus at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop in Southeast during the LGCW's regular rehearsal, ... [Read]

Us Helping Us Stretching

Exercise group meets weekly on Saturday mornings

Besides coffee and a shower, I don't have time for anything else in the morning before jumping into the daily grind. That's my excuse for not stretching every morning. And while I do a quick three-minute stretch at the gym, I get the feeling -- especially when trying to touch my toes without bending my knees -- that I'm not elongating my muscles as often as I should. After all, it's common knowledge that it pays to stretch: You reduce ... [Read]

The Ushers

GLBT theater enthusiasts have been attending plays for the past two decades

To see or not to see? That is the question you may ask yourself if you want to see a play and can't persuade friends to tag along. If you're like me, you probably wouldn't like going to the show alone. The good news is, if you live locally, you don't ever have to. The Ushers, a group for GLBT theater enthusiasts, have been attending plays in the area and in New York City for the past two decades -- ... [Read]

HIV test at Whitman-Walker Clinic

DC clinic makes it easy to check your status

Having recently come out of a long-term, mostly sexless relationship -- my first, actually -- HIV tests have been somewhat of an enigma to me. They sort of just existed in the background. I've been tested, but always as part of a routine visit with my doctor. I'd never gone out and gotten an HIV test for the sake of the test alone. But since I've found myself reunited with the land of the sexually active, I've sort of had ... [Read]

Washington Renegades Rugby Football Club

Rugby with D.C.'s all-inclusive team

Rugby is a tough sport, no doubt about it, leaving little room for wimps like me. Joining the Washington Renegades Rugby Football Club at Stead Park for one of the team's first practice sessions of the fall season, the only bit of good luck was that this was a touch rugby practice -- no tackling. But it was still scary. “Do you have your mouth guard?” the coach asked. “You’re going to need one to prevent a concussion,” he said ... [Read]


Bike riding with Washington, DC's outdoor activity group

I’m guessing in war there’s no room for screwing up. Even if your equipment is faulty, you have to make it work. You also have to know when to surrender. Joining Adventuring for a 17-mile bicycle ride on a humid Monday night in Clarendon was sort of like that. I simply didn’t prepare for the outing. I didn’t buy a helmet. I used a rusty bike. And I forgot to bring cash for the $2 trip fee -- a big ... [Read]

Straight Eights

Local Chapter of the Lambda Car Club is not just about historic cars

I’m not really big on cars. And before visiting with the Straight Eights, the local chapter of the Lambda Car Club International, my knowledge of cars from the past went back only to 1991. That was the year my first car -- a used Toyota Celica -- was made. On Sunday, June 21, during the group’s monthly “Cruise In” in Laurel, Md., I found myself surrounded by cars that were made decades before I even existed, long before seatbelts, cassette ... [Read]

Ad Lib

Dupont's GLBT discussion group

Topics of discussion aren't set in stone when meeting the Ad Lib group on Wednesdays at the Cosi in Dupont Circle. On the night I joined the gay group, I was given a brief history of its origins and how, before I was born, more than 25 years ago, Ad Lib would meet at a Dupont Circle restaurant no longer in business to share coming-out stories. The early meetings attracted so many GLBT people, in fact, the gatherers would wrap ... [Read]

DC Radical Faeries

Rituals for queer spiritual and potluck at Washington's earth-based religion

If it weren't for the burning incense and the shrine built to honor the Roman goddess Juno (for whom the month of June is named), the potluck dinner I attended on a recent Monday night could have belonged to almost any local GLBT group. But I was there to get a dose of what it is the D.C. chapter of the Radical Faeries does. By luck I picked the right weekly meeting, because this group who celebrate queer spirituality as ... [Read]

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