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Spring Ahead

Now is the time to sow the seeds for a beautiful spring garden

Fall is officially upon us. And even though you might be dreading the inevitable piles of leaves that will soon decorate your garden, there's no need to run for the rake just yet. ''Leaves will break down and enrich the soil,'' says Frank Asher, who owns and operates Fairies' Crossing from his home near the Washington Convention Center. ''Some people like to use leaves as a cover, as mulch for bulbs. Some people don't like that feel. It's probably good ... [Read]

Preparing to Bloom

Gardening experts share tips on how to welcome spring in the city

There's no predicting March weather. Spring starts March 21, but that could mean prematurely balmy weather or a late-season blizzard. And while that may mean it's too early to start planting flowers and watering your lawn just yet, local gardening experts say it's the perfect time to prepare your soil by cleaning up. Daffodils rising ''There's a few things you could do as far as preparing your garden, '' says David Yost, a plant specialist from Merrifield Garden Center in ... [Read]

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