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New Year Numbers

Start off 2011 on good financial footing

Maybe you'll be giving up smoking or dropping a few pounds. It's that time of year – the beginning – when the months ahead seem full of positive potential and can-do gusto. But that enthusiasm doesn't always direct itself to where it arguably should: money. ''People spend more time planning for vacation than they do on their own personal finances,'' says Joe Kapp, former president of the Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and an independent agent with ... [Read]

Résumé Reveal

Career gurus advise on appropriate level of professional gaiety

A few years ago, Riley Folds applied for a job at a company with a poor reputation toward gays and lesbians. He debated how of his experience with LGBT groups to include on his résumé, not knowing how the employer would react. Folds, 35, ended up listing all of his extensive experience – LGBT or otherwise. ''It turns out a major initiative the company had was rolling out corporate-wide LGBT training,'' says Folds, founder and director of Out for Work, ... [Read]

Network to Get Work

Whether you're starting or reviving a career, D.C. has lots of LGBT options

With the recent economic anxiety, finding a new job can seem an impossible task, especially for those who are unemployed. But whether you're looking for a new job or a better one, the area's LGBT community offers a wealth of resources. The Center, the Washington area's LGBT community center, recently resumed its career-development program in The Center's new home on U Street. Career coaches around the region can help job seekers plan where to go next. The Capital Area Gay ... [Read]

Rebate Ready

If you've got your eye on a new appliance, be prepared to move quickly -- but not just yet

On your marks. Get set. Wait! That is, if you live in D.C., Maryland or Virginia. If you lived in, say, Ohio, that appliance rebate could be in your pocket by now. Remember ''cash for clunkers''? A similar federal program is ready to offer incentives to replace that clunking refrigerator or similar electricity-hogging appliance with an efficient ''Energy Star'' qualifying appliance. Taking advantage of the program, however, may be a little trickier than its automotive predecessor. With the ''Car Allowance ... [Read]

Buying in Bulk

New coupon companies harness the power of group buying to reel in the deals

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Solstice -- or you're simply a guest at a nondenominational holiday party -- it's the season to give gifts. When all is said and done, you may be left feeling a bit exhausted, financially speaking. And there's no relief in sight unless you're banking on a big refund from the IRS. Thanks to a new sort of cost-saving scheme that's going gangbusters, however, it's gotten quite a bit easier to commit a bit ... [Read]

Domestic Dollars

When two hearts beat as one, save some restraint for the accounting

In the mainstream, the milestones are more easily recognizable. Boy meets girl. Often, cohabitation follows. An engagement -- or accidental pregnancy -- may follow or precede the move-in. Then marriage, and its attendant benefits, from tax-free commingling of the wealth to a survivor's Social Security benefits. For the same-sex couple, it's a bit trickier. Trained to forge our way as taxpayers whose relationships -- from Vermont civil union to imported Provincetown marriage -- have no standing whatsoever from the federal ... [Read]

Finding a Fearless Future

Masters of money to offer retirement advice for all ages and incomes

Once upon a time, retirement was the obvious reward for the latter part of life's journey. Put in your years at the desk, on the assembly line, wherever you may be, then spend your golden years suckling the teat of your pension as you soak up sun in Boca Raton. A new understanding of the dangers of sun exposure alone is enough to send that notion into history's dustbin. Add to that the scariest economic downturn in a generation and ... [Read]

Nuptial Know-How

Two local couples want to help you find gay-friendly vendors for your big day

Planning a wedding can be expensive and nerve-wracking. And if you've decided to tie the knot with your other half and you just happen to be of the same gender, things can get even more stressful. Kelly Prizel and her wife, Natalie Prizel, got married in September 2008. They recommend gay couples find vendors who are gay or ''actively involved in the gay community.'' ''Your wedding is really the day about committing yourself to someone else,'' Kelly says. ''There's this ... [Read]

Planning the Game of Life

There's no time like the present for new graduates to make plans for their futures

As summer approaches, there is one thing on every senior's mind: graduation. Parents flying in, hats tossed, and the paralyzing fear of knowing you'll need a job. In this economy, it can get a bit overwhelming. But getting and keeping a job isn't the only thing those joining the professional masses should be thinking about. There are more than a few ''life-keeping'' practices you can start now -- some because they're age appropriate, some because they'll just make your life ... [Read]

Vanquishing Vulnerabilities

Investing in insurance may provide premium peace of mind in troubled times

A birthday is a good time to stop and take stock of one's situation. How's the body- The career- The relationships- And so on. Thinking of New Year's Day as a collective birthday for the world, the start of 2009 is a particularly good time -- what with the current economic bad tidings -- to assess your protection. Or, rather, your insurance. Sometimes insurance can mean knowing you're in rich Aunt Hester's will, or that you have all-wheel drive. It ... [Read]

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