Santa Fe invites LGBT travelers to enjoy some southwest summer fun

Posted by Troy Petenbrink
May 9, 2012 8:54 PM |

plaza_vendors2.jpgSanta Fe, the capital city of New Mexico, likes to say that its streets are narrow but its minds are not.

Trailing only San Francisco among U.S. metro areas in percentage of households headed by same-sex partners, Santa Fe's extensive gay and lesbian population is fully integrated into the city's life. From gay-friendly clubs, restaurants and shops to a number of TAG Approved hotels the city is a hot spot for GLBT travel.

Santa Fe traces its LGBT roots most notably to the migration of artists that came to the area in the early 20th Century in search of new subject matter, new environments, and fresh inspiration all of which they found in abundance in New Mexico.

-museum_fine_arts.jpgFor the GLBT traveler, Santa Fe offers a refined, romantic, laid back town that provides sophisticated relaxation on all levels. Whether it is visual and performing arts, shopping, outdoor exploration, dining, experiencing the city through its endless hands on and creative opportunities, festivals and events, or relaxing with some simple down time and pampering, there is never a lack of possibilities for getting the most out of Santa Fe.

The summer is when Santa Fe is at its most vibrant, and coming events of interest include:

A list of TAG Approved hotels, a calendar of additional gay-oriented events, and general information on visiting Santa Fe is available at

[Photos by Troy Petenbrink]

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