Deja View

MW Glossy Wrap 041708_Metro Weekly (Page 01).jpg

If you're feeling an odd sense of familiarity when looking at this week's cover, don't worry -- your deja vu is true. It's the same basic image as the one we used for our Cherry coverage in 2006. It's also one of our favorite images we've shot for it, courtesy of the work of our art director and photographer Todd Franson. 

Even so, I was a little hesitant when Todd approached me with the idea -- reputable magazines generally don't make a habit of repurposing old cover shots. But as I listened and thought, I saw that it was a funny idea. Plus, the explanation we printed in small print on the cover is true: We wanted to see what it would look like on our new glossy cover.


A glossy cover has been at the top of the wish list for years with Metro Weekly staff -- I guarantee there are some former employees who, when seeing the new look, thought, "Damn, why couldn't they have done that while I was still there?" And like any major addition to the magazine, it brings a certain kid-and-candy-store element. We've always been fortunate to have top rate cover photography and design -- it's just at times it felt like we producing something in high-definition, but showing it in standard. Things sometimes get lost in the translation.

That's no longer the case. And with Cherry returning to spring for its big dance party, it seemed the natural time to take one of our most popular Cherry images and put it out in high-def. It's not an approach we'll make a habit of -- we have too many other new and interesting things we want to do with the cover. But it's always fun to play around a bit.

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