Proud to be honored

In this week's feature story package on the GLBT Asian and Pacific Islander Pride & Heritage celebration, we highlighted the two people (Joseph Truong and Trang Duong) and one organization (South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)) being honored on Saturday for, according to Pride & Heritage, "work empowering the local A/PI GLBT community."

While it was mentioned briefly in the feature, we didn't profile a fourth honoree -- Metro Weekly. It's generally a little awkward for a publication to determine how to cover itself, but in this case we obviously wanted to focus on those members of the local A/PI community who have done such stellar work.

That said, I do want to call a little more attention to the award because I'm both excited and proud to have the magazine recognized in such a wonderful way. I've been fortunate enough over the past few years to become friends with a number of those who have made AQUA and other organizations such fast growing and effective groups in our community.

One of the things that most interests and excites me about our entire Washington GLBT community is just how diverse it's becoming -- and how it's only going to become more so. With the huge A/PI communities across the area, its pretty much inevitable that the Asian GLBT presence will become an ever larger part of that diversity. And, as with any growing minority community, those in the majority often have a lot to learn in terms of dismissing stereotypes and making everyone feel welcome in all our community spaces.

I believe that the role of a local gay and lesbian publication is to reflect as many diverse aspects of that local community as it can, so I'm especially proud and honored that Pride & Heritage chose to recognize our efforts. And I wish them a happy and joyous pride celebration.

The Pride & Heritage reception is tomorrow evening at Apex -- read more about it here, or visit the Pride & Heritage web site for more information and tickets. And don't miss the Dragon Boat races!

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