People say the nicest things

Our friend Margaret Murray over at One in Ten has some wonderfully kind words for our current cover of Cyndi Lauper, comparing us to the latest Vanity Fair. Naturally, those are the types of compliments that make an editor/publisher's heart flutter. Thanks, Margaret!

Credit, of course, is due to our art director, Todd Franson, who has been doing ongoing stellar work with our new glossy wrap. After nearly 14 years of newsprint covers, it's been a delight to explore the new design directions afforded with a higher resolution process. From my perspective, it's like having a whole new toy to play with. I'm particularly glad that our covers, both in our editorial conception and design execution, aren't only focused on celebrities such as Lauper. Celebrity covers are far rarer for us these days, as we continue to focus on the local GLBT community we serve -- everyone should have the chance to look like they're on the cover of Vanity Fair.

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