What we've Scene

Back in the early aughts, when I came on board Metro Weekly full-time as editor, we were still using this quaint thing called "film" in our cameras. At Capital Pride we would shoot bushels of the stuff, all of which had to be hustled to our neighborhood camera store to be developed so we could see what we had shot. Then hundreds of 4-by-6 prints would flood back into the office to be carefully gone through by hand -- in the already distant-feeling days of film, we never knew what we had until it was too late. You simply made do with what you got.

Digital photography, then, has saved our lives. Literally, I suspect, because if we were still trying to put together the much larger and complicated magazine we have now while dealing with the vicissitudes of film and prints I'd be in the ground by now.

It's also changed the way we approach our photographic coverage of huge events such as Capital Pride, mainly in that where we once had hundreds of photos to choose from, we now have thousands. And where we once had only the print version to work with, we now have our web site where we can provide a home for hundreds and hundreds of great photos we just can't squeeze into the magazine. 

While the web is a great thing, we're still a few years away from being a society that abandons paper and prevents trees from taking their bloody revenge upon us. For now, it's simply having the best of both worlds. And one of the best parts for us is our new program where we donate 80 percent of all our on-line Scene photo sales to GLBT organizations that help strengthen our community. So go to the Scene pages -- you're sure to find something you like.

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