Examining the Epidemic

Three Views of AIDS in the Nation and D.C.

Interviews by Sean Bugg, Will O'Bryan and Randy Shulman
Cover Photoillustration by Tony Frye
Portrait Photography by Todd Franson
Published on December 1, 2005, 12:00am | Comments

With the success of treatments for HIV/AIDS over the past few years, with the near-disappearance of AIDS related causes from gay obituaries, with the continued mainstreaming of HIV as a political cause, it may seem easy to dismiss the coming of yet another World AIDS Day.

But while there have been undeniable successes in the treatment and prevention of HIV, some challenges remains and new ones are rising. From the burgeoning crisis of HIV infection among black gay men to the ever-increasing specter of crystal meth use, HIV remains a vital issue for the health of the gay community.

For World AIDS Day 2005, Metro Weekly talked to the heads of three organizations dedicated to fighting the virus to find out what victories have been achieved and, just as important, what challenges remain.

Paul Kawata
National Minority AIDS Council

Adam Tenner
Metro TeenAIDS

Julie Scofield
National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors

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