25 Gay Films Everyone Should See, Part 3D

By Sean Bugg, Chris Heller, Will O'Bryan, Rhuaridh Marr, Doug Rule and Randy Shulman
Photography by Julian Vankim
Art Direction by Todd Franson
Model: Vladmire Goodwill
Published on February 21, 2013, 4:26am | Comments

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The Broken Hearts Club

The Broken Hearts Club

Thirty years after the groundbreaking but bitter gay film The Boys in the Band, Greg Berlanti's directorial debut The Broken Hearts Club was christened ''The Boys in the Bland'' by the Village Voice. And yet, the gay romantic comedy's very ordinariness is part of what made it stand out and become a hit among gay audiences, who at that time were tiring of shopworn AIDS-related tragedies and coming-out tales. The film is also notable for a cast that includes a handful of moderately well-known Hollywood actors, including Dean Cain and Zach Braff, helping douse once and for all the long-dominant canard that playing gay would tarnish or pigeonhole a film career. Thirteen years later – and three years after television writer and producer Berlanti's only other film, the formulaic and roundly panned Katherine Heigl-vehicle Life As We Know It, The Broken Hearts Club is still charming, even heartwarming, in its portrayal of a circle of gay friends in West Hollywood. It's a case of Hollywood getting something right for a change: Just as it is with many real-life gay people, these friends act as a family, supporting each other through love, loss and softball. --DR

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