Reel Affirmations 16

Washington D.C.'s International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Here's an advanced look at more than 100 films and videos during this year's presentation, from Thursday, October 12 - Saturday, 21, 2006:

  Previous Films
'Boy' Are These Shorts Good!     
20 centimeters     
A Summer Day     
A Very Serious Person     
Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma     
Animated Youth: Girls Shorts     
Boy Culture     
Broken Sky     
Camp Out     
Coffee Date     
Colma: The Musical     
Creatures from the Pink Lagoon     
Deluxe Combo Platter     
East Side Story     
Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds     
El Calentito     
Eleven Men Out     
Five Moments of Infidelity     
Go West     
Holiday Makers     
Keillers Park     
Laughing Matters ... More!     
Local Shorts     
Looking for Cheyenne     
Loving Annabelle     
Men Shorts: Expect the Unexpected     
Men Shorts: Natural Selection     
Men Shorts: Who Do You Think I Am?     
Mixed Shorts: Best of the Fest     
Mother Nature     
Pick Up the Mic     
Puccini for Beginners     
Rainbow's End     
Red Doors     
Rice Rhapsody     
Roller Derby Queens ... and Kings!     
Shabnum Mausi     
South Africa Speaks Out     
State of Health     
Tang Tang     
The Blossoming of Maximo Olivieros     
The Gymnast     
The Life of Reilly     
The Line of Beauty     
What's Up Scarlet?     
Whispering Moon     
Whole New Thing     
Women In Action     
Women Shorts: Girls Just Wanna Be     
Women Shorts: Ladies Night     
Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims     
small town gay bar     

You may buy your tickets or passes in advance: Online at or by phone at (800) 494-TIXS (494-8497). Or you may visit the Lincoln Theatre (1215 U Street, NW, WDC); the Landmark's E Street Cinema (555 11th Street, NW); or Lambda Rising (1625 Connecticut Avenue, NW, WDC).

For more info visit the official Reel Affirmations website.