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After a period of radio silence, Rockstar have dropped a number of new in-game screenshots of their upcoming GTA sequel, detailing the dynamic weather system that awaits players, as well as showcasing a number of new locales and settings in and around the fictional city of Los Santos, GTA's take on modern-day Los Angeles. Most intriguing is an image showing ... [Read]

SimCity's gorgeous urban landscapes

Posted by Randy Shulman
March 25, 2013 5:39 PM |
Reviewing the new SimCity in last week's issue, Metro Weekly video game critic (and regular Technocrat contributor) Rhuaridh Marr raves about the look of the game -- and for good reason: Its detail, as he notes, is "astonishing," as is its general visual aesthetic. He writes: SimCity is gorgeous. Skyscrapers gleam in the morning sun, casting dark shadows over their ... [Read]

When Electronic Arts pulled together a roomful of journalists, bloggers and gaming industry types, it didn’t look like an historic event. But while it can seem as if we talk a lot about LGBT issues and gaming — at least for those of us who do enough gaming to consider ourselves “gaymers” — this past Thursday morning was a rare ... [Read]

Tomorrow in New York, video game giant Electronic Arts and the Human Rights Campaign are hosting a discussion on LGBT issues in gaming, including the always hot topic of hate speech in online multiplayer games. I’ll be on site covering the event for Metro Weekly as well as moderating the a panel on how the gaming industry can and should ... [Read]