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13 snapshots from E3, Day 1

Posted by Randy Shulman
June 11, 2013 9:52 PM |
Day 1 of the E3 gaming expo is over, and as we recover from the aural and visual assault, we've hand-picked a few items from the show floor to sum up some of the immense gaming action on display. Look out for great hands-on reports and more news and photos as E3 continues, and in the meantime, enjoy!     ... [Read]

Mojang, the company behind the wildly successful Minecraft, an innovative online gaming experience whose 8-bit simplicity defies its underlying depth, emotion and complexity, is rolling out the open beta of its latest game, Scrolls, a board-based battle game in which the cards you own determine your abilities and strength when facing off against online opponents. The fun begins on ... [Read]

I still remember the first time I played Wolfenstein 3D. "What fresh hell is this?" I exclaimed as I gleefully mowed down marauding, bitmapped Nazis and various mutants, inevitably coming face-to-face with Hitler himself, wearing some type of tunic and hurtling deadly fireballs. Widely acknowledged as the initial first-person shooter (FPS), Wolfenstein 3D was developed in the early '90s ... [Read]

SimCity's gorgeous urban landscapes

Posted by Randy Shulman
March 25, 2013 5:39 PM |
Reviewing the new SimCity in last week's issue, Metro Weekly video game critic (and regular Technocrat contributor) Rhuaridh Marr raves about the look of the game -- and for good reason: Its detail, as he notes, is "astonishing," as is its general visual aesthetic. He writes: SimCity is gorgeous. Skyscrapers gleam in the morning sun, casting dark shadows over their ... [Read]

Bethesda Softworks is taking beta applications for its new MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, based on the popular single-player RPG series. "Completing the optional sections will significantly increase your chances of being selected for beta participation," notes the company on the sign-up page. It also displays helpful ranking, so you can see what your chances of being selected are. Clearly, this ... [Read]

Along with all the other rumormongers out there, Technocrat feels in its gut that both Microsoft and Sony will be announcing new game consoles at this year's E3. Now, fueling the rumor even further is this report from CVG UK, which notes that Sony may be ditching its venerable DualShock controller for one that may feature biometric sensors and an ... [Read]

For those of you totally obsessed with the extraordinary Minecraft ("one more block, one more block"), here's a bit of trivia you'll explode like a creeper over: The Xbox 360 version of the sandbox game amassed 5 million downloads by the close of 2012. In all, the game has sold 17.5 million copies across all platforms, including the Xbox version, ... [Read]

*Name subject to change. It seems fairly likely that the E3 countdown clock just posted by Microsoft's Larry Hryb on his blog is evidence that there's a new Xbox console on the horizon. In fact, we'd pretty much bet on it, given the rabid speculation across the web. And, as Technocrat will be at this year's E3 Expo, covering ... [Read]

This morning, as we were doing our usual tech browsing to find something that piqued our interest, we came across something that not only got our interests piqued but revved our motors as well. The Guardian posted several screenshots of Rockstar's forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V this morning. Even though the game's 2013 release date hasn't been announced, we're ... [Read]

We caught this trailer for the new South Park RPG the other day and, well, we just can't wait. That bears repeating, very loudly: WE CAN'T WAIT. Get Technocrat updates in your inbox. Join our mailing list. ... [Read]