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Vacation, life changes, moves, lack of motivation. It’s easy to get into a cycle of excuses leading to the downfall of your routine. Most experts will recommend you not take time off and keep with a schedule. That worked for me when first starting out. Going day-in, day-out helped me develop a love for the gym and exercising -- but ... [Read]

Why "Diets" Don't Work

By Brandon Harrison
May 17, 2013 7:18 PM |
I'm sure you've heard firsthand, or even experienced yourself, a diet “failing." Unable to stick to the regime, the weight came back. An all-too-common story. The reason this failed was the reason it was started: it was a diet. Dieting is to make a temporary change in the food you consume to reach a goal. The word “temporary” comes ... [Read]

Perfecting Your Plan

Before you step into the gym, hammer out a plan – but don't be afraid to change it down the line

By Brandon Harrison
Photo by Todd Franson
May 16, 2013 6:26 AM |
The No. 1 mistake people make when walking into the gym is not having a plan. The weights area can be intimidating for anyone not accustomed to the hyper-masculine, testosterone-fueled environment. The anxiety is compounded by the realization that you have no idea what to actually do. With all the information available on the subject, it can be easy to ... [Read]

Cardio Shmardio

By Brandon Harrison
May 8, 2013 12:35 PM |
One of the longest held beliefs in the fitness community is Cardiovascular exercise (jogging, walking, bike riding, etc) are the way to a shredded physique, six-pack abs and a healthy heart. And I’m here to rock your world:  It’s not. First, where this all comes from. Cardio has been used in bodybuilding programs for decades to get to single ... [Read]

Previously, I've covered the most recommended beginners programs for weightlifting, and the importance of building a base of strength with those programs. The final building block to completing the base of strength is food. I'm sure you've heard the 80/20 rule with health and fitness. If not, it’s very simple: 80% of your health, physique, and fitness levels is ... [Read]