Quick Hits: Fit Links

Posted by Brandon Harrison
August 16, 2013 7:17 PM |
  • Why fix what isn't broken? Maybe because it's breaking you. Reverse your grip on the bench press to help allieveate issues with your shoulders and forearms. [T-Nation]
  • Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski, competitive body builder and power lifter and famous for his specific row variation "Kroc Rows" took some time to answer questions from the Reddit community today. Lots of great information here. [Reddit WeightLifting]
  • Dom Mazzetti has been making hilarious videos for quite a while, but his recent venture, "Bro Science" is one to remember. Here is his Bro Science tip on taking the perfect selfie for your profile page. [YouTube]
  • It's a little know area of the USDA's website, but incredibly valuable. A complete nutritional break down for a huge selection of foods. It even lists how much Riboflavin there is. [USDA]
  • MIT... yes, The MIT has an awesome primer on plyometrics and why you should be doing them. Included is a sample routine to get you started. [MIT]

And finally, for today's ounce of motivation:

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