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Posted by Brandon Harrison
October 14, 2013 9:37 PM |

My cut off date has finally arrived. I've ended my bulk and started my cut, jumping in with a Protein Sparing Modified Fast for a little kick start (lets be honest, I want to be as lean as possible for halloween) and will transition to the normal cutting cycle in a week. I've also changed up my diet to include less overall volume and added 20 minutes of cardio after my lifting. I should shed the pounds in no time!

While I'm busy doing that, check out these links from around the web. Some great information underneath those cleverly worded intro sentences.

CrossFit and Strongman are two things I never thought I would see combined, but leave it to the internet to do just that. Strongman WOD is the heavy hitter version of CrossFit's Work Out of the Day. [StrongmanWOD]

I sometimes get worried when I see people executing movements in the gym with poor form. It can lead to serious injury, and after that, a death-blow to your motivation. For that reason, Men's Fitness has a short, but very effective, list of exercises that have a high rate of injury. [MensFitness]

T-Nation is diving into one of the more highly debated topics on the web. Six small meals, or three larger ones? The results are less than solid, but interesting. [T-Nation]

In today's grooming selection, designer Tom Ford is taking a refreshingly honest approach to cosmetics: "The moisturizer improves the look of your skin — it does not make you look younger. To get real anti-aging products, go to your dermatologist or get a laser treatment." [AskMen]


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