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Sometimes change occurs in the most innocuous of ways. Like, say, at a big gay dinner where a couple of friendly, fit gay strangers extol a diet -- a way of life, in fact -- that, after the booze has fully evaporated from your system the following day, remains lodged in your short-term memory. Stubbornly lodged. To the point ... [Read]

30 Minute Upper Body Workout

by Brandon Harrison
December 21, 2013 3:45 PM |
With the average person working more hours, long commutes, and social commitments that seem to overrun your calendar, it can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to fit in a substantial workout. I’ve struggled with this myself. I've worked, tested, reworked, and developed this short workout designed to give you the best minute-for-minute burn. You’ll leave sweating and pumped. Upper ... [Read]

Getting Fit: The 4 Sides to the Base of Strength

By Brandon Harrison
April 26, 2013 8:08 AM |
Ponder for a moment the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Their towering shadows, the effort of the workers who built them, hoisting the building blocks into place, the engineering marvels that far surpassed what should have been feasible at the time. Some interesting facts about those pyramids. It took upwards of 50 years to build a single one; two generations of ... [Read]