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"The truth is we don't have enough openly gay and lesbian MPs being selected for parliament; just as we don't have enough black and minority ethnic MPs and we don't have enough women MPs. Parliament ought to represent the country -- it ought to look like the country that we stand for and represent." -- Shadow Home Secretary and ... [Read]

"Parliament is due to pass legislation shortly to allow for the first child of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge to rule as monarch regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl. Now Labour MP Paul Flynn is gathering support for an amendment that will extend the protection to include the ... [Read]

"Remember that the Jews in Nazi Germany, what started it against them was when they were called names, that was the first stage towards that totalitarian state. It's part of a slippery slope where the unintended consequences could be shocking." Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, addressing an anti-gay marriage rally in Birmingham on Monday, Oct. 8. Carey, who ... [Read]

"It becomes worse and Satanic when you get a prime minister like Cameron saying countries that want British aid should accept homosexuality. To come with that diabolical suggestion to our people is a stupid offer." Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, condemning Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, who suggested that his country could cut aid to countries that do not respect gay ... [Read]