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"My reaction was to be very, very sad, initially, frankly, for Mr. Manley. But my second reaction is that in making a statement like that, clearly as a matter of total disrespect - I know it's locker room banter - of total disrespect. And in doing that, he demeans young people who are gay, including young athletes and people who ... [Read]

“I’m not down with that gay shit. I feel like boxing.” - Singer Chris Brown, to Adam Parker, a 20-year-old man perceived to be gay by Brown who jumped into a photo of Brown and another person outside W Hotel in Washington, D.C.. Brown and his companion both punched Parker in the face, who was later admitted to hospital with ... [Read]

“[G]ay people can just grow their own food.” An unidentified staffer for Washington state Sen. Sharron Brown (R), who has introduced a bill to grant businesses the right to deny services to any individual based for religious reasons, answers the question of what gays who live in rural areas are refused service by the only local grocery store. Source: The ... [Read]

"[Regular exercise] released boys tensions and thus avoided homo-sexuality (sic)" So says a UK councillor candidate, John Sullivan, member of the UK's right-wing UKIP party. In a recent Facebook post -- now deleted -- Sullivan opined on the merits of regular physical exercise in his youth, continuing his thoughts with a reflection on the Victorian's reasons for regular exercise ... [Read]