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"Where Mr. Northam, a fiscal conservative, is measured and moderate - Republicans tried to persuade him to switch parties in 2009 - Mr. Jackson is drunk with his own words, incapable of resisting bombast and demagoguery. While Mr. Northam, a pediatric neurologist, speaks movingly of the children he has treated, Mr. Jackson blathers about his "love for all people" - ... [Read]

"Obenshain has developed a reputation in the Senate during the past nine years as a legislator who favors ideology over the common interest...[Herring] has increasingly established himself as a socially liberal, fiscally pragmatic voice...He has reversed his position on gay marriage, favoring repeal of the constitutional amendment that he supported in 2006 as a freshman senator...Herring also supports legislative efforts ... [Read]

"Even as both candidates have suggested the office of the attorney general isn't partisan, the political philosophies underpinning their candidacies make it clear that the role of the office, like law, is subject to interpretation. ... "Herring has said he wouldn't defend Virginia's anti-sodomy statute because it's clearly unconstitutional. Obenshain said he didn't know yet whether he had a ... [Read]