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"This has been a complete surprise. Honestly, we were doing this for a fundraiser to raise money for our organization. We didn't think there was much of a desire for an activity like this on the island, but it has actually blown up. We were hoping to sell 75 tickets to get some lesson-learned activities for different shows in ... [Read]

Chelsea E. Manning is the new, female name of Bradley Manning, the Army private who has been convicted of sharing classified documents with WikiLeaks. Manning's lawyer, David Coombs, appeared on the Today show to explain how he plans to secure hormone therapy for Manning while she is incarcerated. According to a written statement, Manning, in part, had this to say: "As ... [Read]

"It was absolutely thrilling last year to walk down the street. But this year -- to be able to march in uniform -- wow! I'm speechless." Openly gay Air Force Officer Joanna Gasca, who has been given permission, along with several hundred other active duty troops, to march in San Diego's Gay Pride Parade in full uniform. Last year, the ... [Read]

... [Read]

''We are very upset and saddened by their conclusion,” the Durkins said. “We have borne an extraordinary amount of pain over the past nine months, compounded by a protracted and at times ambiguous investigation. We now need time and privacy to grieve, and let our Ciara finally rest in peace.'' Portion of a statement from the family of Ciara ... [Read]