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A group of African-American males from Mobile, Alabama marched as the final Christmas Parade contingent for the nearby town of Semmes. Some of the event's observers said they should have been warned about who The Prancing Elites were in advance. Town residents have told reporters that they were upset because the men wore make-up and feminine santa outfits; and that ... [Read]

GLAAD reports that BET released the following statement about an "unfortunate" incident regarding the feminine attire of celebrity blogger B. Scott that took place during the BET Awards Pre-Show this past Sunday: "BET Networks embraces global diversity in all its forms and seeks to maintain an inclusive workforce and a culture that values all perspectives and backgrounds. The incident with ... [Read]

B. Scott, a well-known YouTuber and blogger of celebrity culture, expressed a range of emotions after his difficult experience with the BET television network. Apparently, "the powers that be" thought his feminine appearance was inappropriate for Sunday's awards program. Scott says he was asked to be the "Style Stage Correspondent for the 2013 BET Awards 106 and Park Pre-Show'' which ... [Read]

myVidster lost control of its primary .com domain this past weekend according to the owner's Twitter feed: "The myvidster domain has been hijacked and I got an email from the thief trying to sell it back to me. Working with GoDaddy to get it back." Currently, visitors to the .com domain are being redirected to unrelated online advertisments. myVidster suggests ... [Read]

A week ago, the NAACP held a groundbreaking discussion about LGBT issues in Los Angeles for its 102nd Convention. The panel was hosted by CNN's Don Lemon, and featured Wanda Sykes, Julian Bond and others along with NAACP President and CEO, Benjamin Todd Jealous. Below is a collection of several short videos of the event from NoMoreDownLow.TV and other sources, ... [Read]