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"Judging by comments made on social media, most Jamaicans think Dwayne Jones brought his death on himself for wearing a dress and dancing in a society that has made it abundantly clear that homosexuals are neither to be seen nor heard.” Annie Paul, a blogger in Jamaica, commenting on the July 22 mob murder of transgender teen Dwayne Jones. ... [Read]

The story behind the attack on Mallory Owens continues to take twists and turns. Owens, a 23-year-old woman, was brutally assaulted by her girlfriend's 18-year-old brother, Travis Hawkins, Jr., on Thanksgiving. Mallory's mother told the press that her daughter had been attacked because Travis Jr. disliked Mallory for having a lesbian relationship with his sister. The Hawkins family disputed that ... [Read]

A 23-year-old woman named Mallory Owens was assaulted this past Thanksgiving at her girlfriend's house in Alabama. The attack was carried out by Travis Hawkins, Jr., the 18-year-old brother of Owens' girlfriend, Ally Hawkins. Owens' mother, Kristi Taylor, told WKRG that Hawkins "tried to kill her." WKRG and another station, WALA, reported that Owens' family members believed the attack had ... [Read]

ABC reports that Charlie Rogers, a lesbian and former basketball player, is being accused by police in Lincoln, Nebraska of falsely reporting a hate crime. According to the report, Rogers has been arrested and charged. Jim Peschong, the Lincoln Police Chief, is quoted as saying about gloves found at the scene and homphobic words allegedly cut into Rogers' skin by ... [Read]

Life inside his McDonald's has stabilized, but uprisings occasionally flare up. The gangs come from Anacostia, parts of Maryland, Arlington and Alexandria. There are gay gangs and there are lesbian gangs, he said. Washington Post reporter Ian Shapira relaying the observations of Spencer Johnson, a security guard at McDonald.s on 7th Street, NW. (Washington Post Story Lab) Many of ... [Read]

"You get the sense that maybe he wasn't seeing Angie as a person. Then you get an idea of the violence behind this act." Crystal Middlestadt, director of Training and Education for the Colorado Anti-Violence Program, reacting to the details of the murder of MTF transgender Angie Zapata. Her overnight sex partner allegedly stated to policed that after beating ... [Read]